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Hello there! Happy Passover to those celebrating and happy almost Easter to those celebrating. I hope you will be doing so in a fashion most safe for your current state of vaccination and/or COVID caseload.

We're still really behind on vaccinations here. Despite the fact that my parents can now both be vaccinated, there is no vaccine to be given, and the one that they will likely get is the AstraZeneca one which no one can decide is safe or not, so yay. My dad is looking at late April for his first dose. I have to say, I think Canada did, like, okay on COVID. Not the best, not the worst. But the way they've handled vaccinations sucks. It's confusing and complicated and annoying.


We finished our Easter tree! Pic:

It's in our window, so I closed the curtain to get better lighting for it. I think it's cute, and it was super fun making everything.

I have my new glasses. They were a bitch to get used to, but they are helping. I've had way fewer headaches since I got them, though the first four days were so painful I was almost in tears. My eyes were so confused about what I wanted them to do. I usually have something similar with a new prescription, but this was worse than anything I'd had before. Switching between the two pairs isn't as hard as I thought it might be, though I still realize I'm in the wrong ones occasionally. I've made a glasses case to hang around my neck and carry whatever pair I'm not using.

Finally, here is a picture of Pax, being his smiling self:


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