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Yep, it's me.

Hello friends and lovelies! I hope you are doing well and looking forward to being vaccinated in the near future. Canada has vaguely fucked up the process, so we're a bit behind the 8-ball here, but we're still expecting everyone to be vaccinated by the end of September. My parents should be done by the end of May, hopefully. In the meantime, our cases remain low here, though we do have a few cases of 'Variants of Concern'.

Been feeling really run down lately, and I'm suspecting low iron is to blame. I've started some blood builder to see if that helps. Otherwise, the stones are really good and I think the apple cider vinegar routine is helping. I've been having a lot of migraines, but I'm also waiting for new glasses to come in. My annual check-up concluded I now need two pairs of glasses: one for distance and one for reading. Thankfully, my distance prescription is the same as the current one, so I only needed to buy one new pair of glasses for the reading issue. I had a lazy eye as a child and did all the correction work for it, but up close, it's still hard for the two eyes to focus on something, so my eyes jump around a lot or I get double vision. But the amount of prism needed in my lenses so I can read comfortably would overcorrect the distance vision, so she said she'd either have to give me two different prescriptions or try to find a happy medium where neither distance nor close would be super happy. And bifocals and prisms don't work great, so two pairs it is.

I'm looking forward to the new glasses for a variety of reasons, but one being that Mum and I have embarked upon a Project that requires a lot of close work. Mum is determined to leave our little Christmas tree up year-round because it makes her happy and we're in the middle of a pandemic and she will not be moved on this point. It's just this thing my dad got from Ikea which is a 2D metal sculpture type thing with 24 hooks on it to hang ornaments, sort of like a jewellery display. I can't find a picture online for some reason, but it's very pretty and way easier than putting up a proper tree and we really like it. So, we've decided to change the decorations with the seasons and are now working on an 'Easter Tree', and knitting and crocheting little ornaments out of leftover sock wool. Which is very small and needs a very small hook and my eyes are sore, but I'm having so much fun. I forgot how much I love making amigurumi! We'll do a Spring tree next and a Summer one and so on. I'll post a picture when we get it done.

We've been watching the Muppet Show on Disney+ and it is making my little heart so happy. I think I can trace my entire sense of humour and taste in music to the Muppets and Sharon, Lois, & Bram. Also, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown is up on Britbox for a new season and remains very entertaining as well. We also really enjoyed Miss Scarlet & the Duke and All Creatures Great and Small on PBS, but they're done now. I'm glad they're both getting second series'.

Apologies if I've grammared wrong or worded weird here. I'm the middle of one of those migraines where the pain isn't that bad and I can sort of function, but I'm also dizzy and not making sense when I speak sometimes. This entry was crossposted on Dreamwidth ( Replies are welcome in any location.
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