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And on we go

Hello, world! Another check-in post.

Things are fine here. My area has tanked our COVID numbers again, and we've had several days with no new cases reported, so that's really great. Ontario is still in lockdown, though, and we don't know for how much longer we will remain in it. It's not too big a deal for us, who don't do a lot, but Pax is starting to look shaggy and his nails are too long and we'd like to get him groomed. Not that it matters to him. He's perpetually happy.

I've finally trained him to put on a slip-lead! He HATES putting a collar or leash on, and we've sort of got him going on his collar now, though some days he just nopes out and won't come near us. But we want to get him used to putting on a slip-lead to help brush him, and he was so stressed, it was awful to try to get it on him. So, I invested in a clicker to try clicker training and now he does it without a treat! He's very smart and overthinks everything, and I think he thought that what I wanted him to do was try to steal the treat from my hand. But with the clicker, he figured out he was supposed to put his head through and wait for the treat. I also got him to shake hands with his other paw, which is something we couldn't sort out, either. I love him, but he is a handful to live with. He ate part of a tennis ball last week or at least chewed it to bits, and we have no idea where he got the tennis ball. I thought he had a chew toy, so didn't see what he was up to until he'd torn it open and chewed half of it up. He was fine, not sick at all, luckily, but it was a stressful night. And today he pulled all my computer cables out of the wall. I also don't know how he did that. But, baby steps! Celebrate the victories!

Other than working on crocheting myself a cardigan, I haven't been up to much. I'm sort of frustrated with myself and my health at the moment. I feel a little like I'm stuck in my body and I can't get out. The stones are doing a lot better, so I'm trying to celebrate the victories, there, but I'm just so tired and sore and can't lose weight no matter what I try. I'm not depressed or anything, but I think I'm in the 'anger' phase of recovery, where I'm just a little frustrated about it all. On the bright side, despite the fact that I had to stop the birth control pills due to side effects, my period cramps have been totally manageable with the TENS machine. Hopefully, with both the cramps and the stones on the down low, I can start to properly rest and get myself together again.

Anyway, hope you are all surviving and doing well! This entry was crossposted on Dreamwidth ( Replies are welcome in any location.
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