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The Writer They Call Tay

Greetings from Flynn!

Hello from my new computer, who I have named Flynn, in honour of Flynn Rider from Tangled because he is a nice, loyal, guy who also is a lot of fun and that's what I'd like this computer to be for me. Mum and I may or may not have watched a great deal of the Tangled tv series on Disney+ over the last year. Spoiler: we did.

Flynn is awesome so far and I'm enjoying it greatly. I had a game I was trying to play on Issie that took ten minutes to load up and lagged like crazy and it was loaded in less than 30 seconds on Flynn. I even downloaded and installed Photoshop while playing that game and nothing lagged. Also, it came with a mechanical keyboard that goes clicky-clack when I type, so bonus. Also, it has rainbow lights on it that I can programme to do whatever I want, which is completely unnecessary but makes me feels special.

Getting my files over has been somewhat of a nightmare (my USB stick wouldn't work? It just wouldn't read it. And everything I read on the Internet was like 'Mac and PC use the same file systems for USB drives and it will be a seamless, easy thing to share files!). I tried several different methods, but ultimately Dropbox has been the one that worked. Transferring 14,000 icons from one computer to another takes time, though. The only part of the new computer that sucks.

Speaking of things that suck, America, I'm really sorry your country is a mess right now and I hope things look better for you soon.

I'm posting this on Dreamwidth and LJ. One of my New Year's resolutions is to try to remember to crosspost. I've also changed my LJ journal layout, though that was also something of a nightmare, as, apparently LJ just got rid of the Flexible Squares layout sometime last year and didn't tell anybody, and if you change out of that layout, you can't get it back now. And guess who changed that layout for the first time in several years testing new ones? Thankfully, there is a workaround using custom layers, but, it's lame that it's no longer available normally. This entry was crossposted on Dreamwidth ( Replies are welcome in any location.
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