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Happy Almost New Year!

Hello, world! Happy Almost 2021. Good job on making it here! You did really well and I'm proud of you.

It doesn't seem to matter what kind of Christmas we have, Mom and I are always wiped out afterwards. Every year we pare down more and more and every year, we still seem to need to sleep for a week once it's over. We didn't even have company this year! But we had a really good time anyway. I can honestly say, doing it over Google Meetings wasn't much different from having my brother and his wife in the room with us. It would have been nice to hug them and all, but we still had a lot of fun the way we did it. And Paxie was very well behaved! We had him out the whole time we were eating and opening presents and he only ran off with a couple of empty bags and his own presents, so he was a very good boy. There is perhaps hope of him settling down into something we aren't constantly saying 'Pax, what are you doing?!' to.

I had hoped to be writing this from a new computer, but one of the packages missed the cut-off point, so I have a monitor but no desktop, and because of the holiday, I won't get it until Monday. I took advantage of the Boxing Day sales to get a not-cheap but also a not-too-fancy computer for myself, since poor Issie isn't cutting it anymore. She's very slow and beachballing a lot and freezing her programmes and even trying to open the save dialogue in Photoshop is a struggle. I've tried everything to help speed her up and help her out, but I think she's just past her prime. But she served me well. She came to rescue me in the woeful hour of the Great FlashDrive Crash of '15 and has been as faithful and stalwart as I hoped she would be. She hardly ever crashed and never lost a single file. I'm going back to Windows again, because Mac just doesn't have what I need for what I want to do now. Also, I was a Windows girl for 29 years and even with five years of Issie, I still am only vaguely aware how to do anything on a Mac without googling it first. In my decision making, my mom pointed out that I should have what I want since we're still going to be stuck at home a lot and apparently I deserve to be happy or something. Having supportive parents is wonderful, but I feel like my parents didn't get the memo about discouraging their children from --

Okay, my computer just arrived in the middle of me writing about how my computer wasn't going to arrive. Poor Canada Post is very confused this year. They are under a lot of stress and we've had a series of strange events in regards to packages.

But yay! New computer!

Anyway, I shall finish this post as intended, which is just to say I hope everyone has a safe and happy and better new year than this old one. Hang in there, keep doing what you need to do and keep yourself healthy. We'll get through it. Thanks so much to everyone who still reads this journal. I know fewer and fewer people are using LJ these days and I'm not posting much interesting still, but I don't have any desire to move to somewhere else at the moment. I love you!
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