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I'm running out of creative titles to say it's me again

Hello! Back again with another check-in post. Things are getting a little more serious around here, COVID-wise, but we're still pretty low in numbers. The new cases are from people who travelled out of our region and brought it back. We're in the Yellow Zone now, which means things close a little earlier at night, but other than that, everything is still open. We all have to wear masks to enter any public building and everyone is complying, so hopefully, we can keep things down. Though I'm worried for the Christmas season. I hope people stay home. If we do this just one year, we hopefully won't ever have to do it again. Please stay home.

Health-wise, things have been kinda shitty for me overall. Lots of stones, a few bad episodes of colic, and my period cramps are otherworldly of late. Plus some migraines, due to the change in weather (and also possibly staring at my iPad watching states change colour for a week back at the beginning of the month...). My GP put me on birth control continuously for the next three months to give me a break, so hopefully, that will help out, and I've started seeing a physiotherapist again for the migraines. He's going to give me a TENS unit to help with the pain. I just feel like I need to get on top of something because right now I feel it's coming it at me from all angles.

My brain is still pretty shot, but I've been learning how to photoshop with my character portraits (and consequently redoing them, because the better I get at it, the more I dislike the ones I did before). I also just got the new Crusader Kings game, which is a learning curve, but will be fun to figure out. Mum's having a bit of trouble with the weather and her knee, but otherwise is doing well.

Paxie continues to be a delight and also trouble, but mostly a delight.

Hopefully, y'all are still hanging in there. I know it's been a hella weird time for everyone, and I wish you peace and health!
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