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Man, 2020 distorts time so much. It feels like it's insanely long, but also at the same time three weeks go by and you're like, where did the time go? I haven't posted since, like, June, which is weird. But I also didn't have much to say. And still don't. But I thought I would check-in.

Same old news around here. Everyone's fine, Global Pandemic wise. We still have a super low number of cases in my area, which I am insanely grateful for. Our city introduced mandatory face coverings a couple of months ago and everyone seems to be complying, which is good to see. I think most everything is opened up now, with restrictions in place. I'm able to get massages at least every two weeks, if not every week, which is good because my kidney stones are being little bitches right now. I had a big flurry of them, but they seem to be settling down once more. My hormones have also settled out and I'm sleeping a lot better and I'm hoping a combination of those two things will make me feel better in the long run. The kidney stones are something I think I just have to live with, barring any great discoveries, but I could do without insomnia and missed periods.

I've started crocheting again and have begun a Christmas present project. I always try to start really early for those because I have a tendency to start a pattern and not like it and freak out and go through four other patterns before I find something I like, but even then there's something about that pattern I can't live with and have to rework and then spend the week before Christmas frantically trying to sort out sleeves while my mum gentle soothes my nerves. So far, though, I'm a third of the way through my first choice of pattern and I like it, so yay! Although I'm not sure about the lace trim on it, so I may change that...

Also, herringbone half doubles are gorgeous but doing rows of 226 of them is very hard on the wrist!

In other creative news, I came across a website called Artbreeder, which uses machine learning to create portraits of people. Basically, you can upload a photo of a person or use an already uploaded photo and tweak the features on it to create different looking people by changing the age, gender, race, hair colour, angle of the face, expression, etc on it. You turn a dial and the algorithm layers in millions of samples of other photos to create realistic portraits or make them look like digital paintings. You can also do landscapes, album covers, and full-body characters (almost like concept art), but I haven't played around much with those. I thought it would be good for OCs or for getting inspiration for OCs. There are some limitations, of course. You can only do blue or brown eyes and there's no way to change lip or eye shape without using the race sliders which change the rest of the face, too. But you can probably download a photo and work it in photoshop if you need a very specific detail. And it's just kind of fun.

Hope everyone else is hanging in there. 2020 is throwing a lot of shit our way, so take care of yourselves physically and mentally!
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