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A Midsummer Night's Awesome

Hello friendly friends!

If you are in need of some entertainment and are in any way a fan of Shakespeare, I highly recommend checking out The Bridge's production of A Midsummer Night's Dream:

(website link: here)

It will be up for a week from yesterday, thanks to National Theatre Live, who are putting up one show a week for a week from their archives in order to raise funds during COVID-19. Obviously, the theatre industry is being hit hard, but I'm grateful they're finding creative ways to let us enjoy it in other ways.

This production is really, really fun. It's a much different take on it, but it works, and even my mum, who doesn't like Shakespeare, was giggling along as I was watching it. It's super joyful and the performances are great. I really like the dynamics between Titania and Oberon (who they had swap roles, Titania taking Oberon's dialogue and role in the story and Oberon taking hers), and the way they contrasted it with Theseus and Hippolyta (who are played by the same actors). All the aerial work is amazing and the use of music and adlibbing and audience interactions is really cool, plus the way the sets work. They really played up the aspect of 'this may all be just one weird-ass dream' and I liked it.

Hope everyone is doing well in these crazy times! We're in the midst of some non-Corona related stress, but, on the bright side, my menstrual cycle seems to be righting itself and a lot of the PCOS symptoms that go along with that being out of whack
are resolving, so that's good.

Stay safe and healthy everyone!
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