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The Writer They Call Tay

Venturing out from Isolation

Mum and I went grocery shopping yesterday, the first time under the new protocols to help Flatten the Covid Curve in Canada (which sounds like the title of an educational jingle for children), and it was kind of weird, but I was happy to see everyone obeying the rules. Starting tomorrow, all non-essential businesses will be closed on pain of fines, and a lot of places were closed already. Except for Michaels, who not only seem to believe they're a vital service but decided to have a 50% off sale in the midst of all this. Bad form, Michaels.

Most places have a maximum number of people who can be in the store at one time and have lines taped out on the floor at the cash to tell you how far apart to stand. The cashiers are wearing gloves (though one girl wasn't changing hers between customers, which sort of defeats the point. I know they're in short supply, but the other place was at least washing theirs with hand sanitizer between customers, which is better than nothing). There's been a lot of panic buying, so there's no hand sanitizer or cleaning wipes to be found, but we have a limited supply of both here already, and there was plenty of food on the shelves. Mum and I have decided to try to plan so we only have to go out once a week to get what we need.

My dad's employers have stopped home visits for now and my brother and his girlfriend are both working from home. So far, Canada seems to be doing relatively well. Our area has 8 confirmed cases now, but my province has one of the higher numbers of cases overall.

For the most part, we're just hunkered down here at home. Mum and I have done one jigsaw puzzle and are starting on another, and I'm going to start a scarf pattern I had my eye on, and I've been trolling through Spotify, listening to a lot of Scottish people sing songs and discovering I really like Robbie Burns poems set to music. I know he was a jerk, but he did write some pretty words. Which could be said for pretty much all the romantic poets. Oh, and we watched Frozen II and it was really enjoyable. The music is awesome, the plot seemed a little rushed, but overall I liked it and it made me cry.

Anyway, I hope everyone else is hanging in there! I'm thinking of you!
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