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Hello there!

Hello, world! I hope you are doing well and keeping safe in these stressful times. So far, we haven't had any cases of Covid-19 in our area (knock on wood), but we're doing our best to stay home as much as possible and wash our hands when we go out. We're prepared to quarantine if needed, but we have not stockpiled toilet paper or anything. We're just, you know, being reasonable about it. I feel very blessed to live with a retired nurse who worked through SARS and is able to have a good perspective on things. Especially as the news is ramping up panic as much as possible while telling you not to panic.

My dad is in a demographic where, if he got it, it wouldn't be good, and he also goes in and out of people's houses to teach them how to use their breathing equipment, so it is concerning both that he may catch it but also that he would carry it to people whose lungs and immune systems are already compromised. However, people do need to breathe, so he's a vital service, at least for now, and he's following all the protocols currently in place.

Mum is still doing great, I'm still rather kidney stoneish, but hanging in there. Pax is coming along. He's starting to mellow out more and more and is listening to commands better. I think he'll turn into a fine Scottish gentleman one day. At some point. Hopefully.

Stay healthy folks!
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