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Happy Thanksgiving!

It's Canadian Thanksgiving today, which is a good time to stop in and update my blog here. Things have been going pretty well, though today hasn't been a great day kidney stone-wise. In general, things are holding steady at 'okay' on that front, though. Definitely a better year than last year by a long shot! I'm still passing large stones, but I'm not getting the flurry of dozens of little ones, which makes me think at the very least they're not forming at such a rate as they were.

Paxie was a year old on Sept 24! He's a big boy now, he went and had his first big boy haircut and apparently was well-behaved for a Scottie. They are known to nip, but the groomer said he wasn't too bad and he got along with the other dogs there. He's also fully potty-trained now--finally! And also sleeping through the night--finally! At least, most nights. We've got him into a good routine here and he's super cute in how rigidly he follows it. He cries to tell me it's time to put him in his crate at night. We've also finally found some toys he can't immediately chew through, which is nice. You still have to watch him with them, but he likes to 'kill' them, pick them up and shake them around to 'break their necks'. They're made of fire hose and seem to be holding up to his big Scottie jaw. He also remains perpetually the happiest thing on the planet. He is the Arthur Shappey of Scotties. Everything is brilliant! Including the leaves falling from the trees, that is extremely exciting and he's chasing them around his pen and 'killing' them.

Mom is doing awesome still! She's doing so well. It's great to see. She can do a lot more than she could before and she has a lot more stamina. Her bloodwork is showing the anaemia is better as well.

Overall, things are pretty good here. I hope y'all are doing well!

One last thing. My brother's girlfriend was telling us about the 'Teal Pumpkin Project', which I didn't know about. It's a thing for Halloween for kids with medical issues or allergies that makes them unable to eat candy. You can mark your house as a teal pumpkin house and give out little toys for them instead. As a girl with a ton of allergies who never went out for Halloween as a result, I think it's a great idea. If you're interested, there's more information here: Teal Pumpkin Project'.
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