The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

It's me, again.

I keep meaning to post here more often and then a month and a half go by and I don't, but here I am! Still alive and kicking.

A bit of news on the kidney stone front: I went to the urologist a couple of weeks ago and he's put me on a medication to lower the calcium in my urine. Apparently, three years ago when I originally did my testing, the calcium was the only result that was higher than normal. Since I've had my parathyroid and blood calcium levels checked and they're normal, it's probably just an idiopathic thing and not the result of a systemic problem, so I'm kind of screwed there, but this medication might help reduce the number of stones overall. I'm going back in October to be rechecked and see if it's helped. I've promptly had a series of semi-bad attacks since I started the medication but that's likely coincidental. As he said, which I knew, the medication won't get rid of the stones already formed, just help prevent new ones from forming. At the very least, he's going to monitor me and do regular CAT scans, so I hopefully won't be caught off-guard by another big one like I had in the Fall.

In puppy news, Pax is finally--finally-settling down a little. He's less teenagery than he was and we've had a couple of days where we can see the sort of boy he'll be when he 'grows up', which will be a very sweet and happy one. He's sleeping through the night again, mostly, and has stopped biting feet, but we're still working on not nibbling on our hands during snuggles. We're also taking him outside to play in the evenings after supper, which helps prevents the zoomies, and he is having lots of Scottie Adventures on the front lawn. He's still very feisty and entertaining, and I think once the puppy energy wears off over the next year or so, he'll be a delightful little fellow. I would take pictures, but he just never stands still enough to snap him!

Mum is also doing super good! She started an exercise class a few months ago and she's really enjoying it and her pain and movement and energy have all improved. She looks so much better and it's wonderful to see.
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