The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Hello, world!

Dropping in for another life update. I'm still here! I'm even another year older, as of Saturday.

I'm still passing kidney stones on the regular, and according to my GP, they're new ones, not fragments from my surgery. I have an appointment with the urologist in July, but it's quite possible there's simply nothing to be done about them and I'm just a stone former. One last thing I'm trying is switching a medication I'm on for GERD, which can block calcium and magnesium absorption, both of which are needed to prevent kidney stones. I have to go slowly at it, so I won't know if it works for a bit, but we can always hope.

Pax has become a teenage dog and is a little brat. A sweet little brat, and a smart little brat, but a little brat anyway. He's not so bad except for his habit of biting feet when he gets the zoomies, which is very painful. We're working on manners, but it's a work in progress. Other than that, his brattiness is more endearing than anything else, though we've had some teenage defiance about being in his crate at night and, due to the utterly awful weather we've had since, like, January, potty training is still hit and miss. He's potty-trained to his puppy pad, but going outdoors is still a bit confusing for him. But he's quite a little character and keeps us laughing. He's the feistiest dog we've ever had. Yesterday, he knocked over a dustbin outside and barked at it for five minutes, then got up on the stairs in front of me to protect me from this scary object he knocked over. He's also barked at: the water bowl he knocked over, the baby gate he knocked over, a bag being rustled by a fan, the sound of a door slamming down the hall from the wind, a box sitting in the front hall, and a mop sitting motionless on the bench. He will not be intimidated by inanimate objects, damnit!

I think that's all I have to report. I'm mostly just resting and puppy rearing. Hope every else is doing well!
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