The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

A Life & Pupdate

Hello, anyone who may be around here!

I've been on radio silence for a while, due to puppy raising and stone passing. The big 9mm stone they broke up in September has been coming out in about 4mm by 1mm slices for the past couple of months. Not nearly as painful as before, but making me sore and giving me a lot of tachycardia as the adrenaline kicks in. It's weird, even if I don't have pain, I often get the 'fight or flight' response as the stone moves down my ureter. I had thought they removed the big pieces by a basket catch during the surgery, but these are definitely sliced fragments I'm passing, so I guess they left them in there. When they went in to do the surgery, they weren't sure if they were going to remove the stone or just put a stent in because they didn't know if I had an infection or not. There's a risk of scraping or damaging the ureter using a basket catch, so I'm guessing they decided not to risk it when I was so swollen and borderline infected. They must have pushed the stone up into my kidney and broke it up there. In any case, it's been unpleasant, but manageable. But I'm very tired.

Pax is doing really well, though! We've made it through the worst of the teething (she says, as she has to pause typing to tell him to stop chewing on the wall...), and he's settling down into a calmer boy. He's six months old now and he's grown quite a bit since we got him. He's learned a bunch of stuff and he's such a sweetheart. He's just so happy. Like, he never stops smiling. We tried a bunch of different toys for him, but he is just really crazy about plastic bottles. He likes to chew on them and chase them around the kitchen and has no interest in any sophisticated doggy toy you might have brought him. He just likes bottles. We always supervise him and only give him ones that are food safe, but pro-tip: if you have a restless dog, tossing a handful of kibble in a bottle and then putting the bottle in a sock will keep them busy for a long time. He also likes chasing bubbles that I blow for him.

I've been keeping busy and entertained by watching musicals on youtube. A lot of amateur productions post their full performances and a lot of them are really good. A lot of them are not, though. You have to search a little. Here's a few of my favourites that I've found in my travels if you'd like some entertainment:

The Drowsy Chaperone (university production, with every performer spot on.)
Beauty & the Beast (community theatre production, wonderful acting, singing occasionally off, but overall awesome)
Return to the Forbidden Planet (university production, basically 'Doctor Who as written by Shakespeare featuring hits from the '50's and 60's', total camp fun)
Seussical the Musical (high school production, really well done)

Hope everyone else is doing well!

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