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It would be us...

The power was out from 1:30pm to 9:00pm today. It was extremely annoying, not to mention freezing. Mum and I had to retire to hide under the duvet in her room, where the Scotties were like 'body heat!' and sat on top of us. It was the weirdest black out pattern, too. Our neighbours around the corner had power, the people who's backyard is opposite us had power. It seemed like every street had a few houses out and a few houses with power. My parents took turns calling the HydroOne line, which goes something like this:

Recording: Welcome to HydroOne's power outage hotline. Is this a life-threatening emergency?
You: No.
Recording: Please give the 10 digit number indicating your HydroOne account. Do you know this number?
You: No.
Recording: Please give your phone number with your area code.
You: *phone number with area code*
Recording: I heard *phone number with area code* Is this correct?
You: Yes.
Recording: Please wait a moment while I attempt to locate your account. *waiting* Currently, 9340 customers are without Hydro. Your status has not changed since you last called at 4:32 pm. Currently, we estimate your service to be restored at approximately 4:45pm. Thank you. *hangs up*

So, first we got 4:45pm, then 5:45pm. Then 'the problem has taken longer to fix than anticipated. We currently estimate your service to be restored at 10:00pm'.

So, we ordered pizza and ate in the light of the LED lantern. Speaking of which, the only working phone was in the basement, so we had to run down there anytime it rang. With my latern in one hand, and holding my long skirt up with the other hand so I wouldn't trip, I felt very Florence Nightengale.

The worst part about blackouts is the silence. I cannot stand it. I always need the furnace going, a fan turning or something to sleep. Silence gives me a headache. I have this idea for a machine that simulates household sounds in case of power outtages. I don't think there's a very big market for it, though.
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