Pupdate #3

Being a puppy mum is tiring! We're all napping, including the puppy. But it's a lot of fun, too, obviously. And a little frustrating. Today, Pax was all biting, all the time. I think he's teething, but every time came near him today, he decided to nibble on me. Just play biting, nothing aggressive, but his teeth still hurt! 

Otherwise, things are going well. I've taught him to sit, spin in a circle, jump over my leg, and ring a bell on the door on command (we're trying to try him to ring to go out). He will not lie down on command or even for a treat. I've tried every trick online to lure him into lying down, but he just stands up and walks away. We're trying the last ditch effort of praising him highly whenever we find him lying down on his own and hoping he'll get the message that it's a good thing to do.

He's had some adventures, including a few escapes from puppy jail in the kitchen when we didn't close the gate fast enough. He's also had brave battles with the dishwasher, a broom that was leaning against the wall, the sound of a puppy snoring on some music I was playing to keep him company (I quickly found a different track), and the sound of the wind blowing. He's a stalwart fellow. 


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