We're on Day 3 of Owning Pax, and we're all very, very tired. But delighted. But tired. OMG, he has a lot of energy. And there's also the bending down to pick him up and sitting on the floor to play with him and all that. And getting up to check on him every so often to make sure he's not causing trouble. But, he's not. He's very well behaved. He's slept through the night both nights, and he's having accidents, but mostly going potty on his pads. We're in the midst of a snowstorm, so we have to wait until that calms down to get him outside for housetraining. He's confined to the kitchen for the moment, except for sleeping in his crate in my parents' room and being taken out for snuggles in the living room.  He's also learned how to sit on command. He's just a little mischievous and play biting, so we have to work on that, but's early days still.

I have a picture but my phone is being stupid, so I'll have to wait to post it. 


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