This is not surprising

We're getting a puppy this Friday. The breeder said that by the Spring he'll be too old to be moving to a new home, so we're taking him now, and we've all agreed that we're happy to do it, even if it's sooner than we'd planned. He's almost four months now, and his name is Pax Vobiscum, which means 'peace be with you', I think. The breeder always picks awesome names. He goes by Pax, and she sent a picture, and he's adorable.

Pax the Scottie Puppy

We have a bit of work to do to get the house ready, but we're seasoned dog owners, so we do have a lot of what we need. Mum and Dad raised our first Scottie, Fergus, from puppyhood, so they have experience, even if I'm used to older dogs.

It's very exciting!


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