So far, so good

2019 has started off on a relatively stable note. They put posts in my tooth and got my crown back on, which was awesome, since I thought they might not have anything to work with there. The weight loss plateau I hit for most of last year seems to be over and I've started to lose weight again, which is exciting. And Mum e-mailed the breeder to let her know we'd probably be ready for a new dog in the Spring (we're all missing having a dog, but Mum is starting to treat plants like pets and I think she especially really needs one). It looks like we might be able to have a puppy, which might be fun. During my life, we've only ever had sort of 'retired' Scotties that were older and needed homes, which, of course, were awesome and perfect and lovely, but I've never had a puppy, and it would be nice to have a dog with a longer lifespan ahead of them than what we've had before.

My brain is still not working as well as I like, but I think that's just a tincture of time. I've been pinning some writing prompts on Pinterest, so at least that's getting my creative juices flowing, even if I can't make my words come together yet.

Hope everyone else is doing well!


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