Happy 2019!

Hello, friends! Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good holiday season, and I hope your New Year brings you good things. Mum and I made sure to let the new year in the front door and the old year out the back door  at midnight to ensure the best possible outcome for the upcoming 12 months. We're already in much better shape at the start of this year than the start of the last one, so that bodes well, right?

My goal this year is to concentrate on getting well and looking after myself. I hope to get back to writing, but it might take time to get my brain back together.  

I'll still be posting here, and over at dreamwidth (I'll try to do better about remembering to update that). There seems to be an exodus from tumblr that might result in LJ getting more active again, but that might just be a fit of pique that will pass. Either way, I still prefer to be here, and should LJ ever leave us, you can find me at dreamwidth under the same username. 


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