WTH 2018?

Well, to cap off the year (no pun intended), I've lost a crown. It just popped off with no warning today while I was unloading the dishwasher. On a Saturday. Before Christmas. When the dentist won't be back in until after New year's.

Thankfully, it has had a root canal (two actually), so there's less chance of infection, and I didn't swallow the crown, so it can be put back on without having to get a new one. Hopefully. But I am very paranoid about my teeth, which have caused me grief since childhood and continue to suck despite my rigorous attention to oral hygiene. Stupid genetics.

Once again, this is not a catastrophe by any means, but, as a culmination to the end of the year, it feels more aggravating than it might otherwise have been. 

In brighter news, aside from cleaning up the kitchen and doing some wrapping, we are ready for Christmas! With, like, two days to spare. Usually we're in hyper-stressed mode that results in total crash-and-burn by Boxing Day, so this is an improvement and a sign of being in better health overall. 

In the new year, I hope to make this less of a 'woe is me' blog, but I appreciate everyone who has been supporting and reading my tales of woe this year. It's nice to have you guys around. :-D


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