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So, that happened...

Well, 2018 refuses to leave without a few more 'lol, let's mess with the Bard Family' incidents. I woke up from a nap on Wednesday to find the gas company van outside our house. I thought it was for next door, but then Mum informed me there was a gas leak. Apparently, the patch of dead grass on our front lawn is a sign of a gas leak, which we didn't know. But it's been there for at least two years as far as we can remember, so...yeah, that's a long time. And the gas man didn't think there would be any issues inside, but the gas meter showed gas in the basement. Therefore, it's quite possible we've had a gas leak in our basement for two or more years. Obviously, a very slight one ('small and slow' is how they put it) or something very bad would have happened by now. They didn't even ask us to leave the house while they fixed it. But with all the headaches and dizziness I get, and my dad coughs a lot and he's in the basement way more than Mum or I, we're wondering if that's had an effect on us. Anyway, they fixed the leak. Except while they were doing it, they cut the cable that carries our phone, internet, and tv. According to them, they asked the cable company to come and map it for them and the cable company said it would be cheaper for them to cut and them to fix it then to send a person to map it out. The cable people claim the gas people never call and don't care if they cut lines. Whatever, the line was still cut. And they couldn't send someone to fix it until this afternoon.

So, for the last 48 hours, we've had no phone, internet, or cable. It was an exercise in entertainment oneself old-school style. We listened to a lot of music and the radio, and we went and joined the library, which we had been meaning to do anyway, but we were able to borrow a movie from there for last night and now we have access to Hoopla, which is cool.

But yes, no fun. On the bright side, no more gas in our house! And there are far worse things to be without than TV and Internet; it's important to remember that. Still, 2019 can hurry up and come along any time it wants.
Tags: misc./non-fic, rantage and randomosity, woe is me

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