The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

A December update

Back to update things again and prove my continued existence. It's migraine season because of all the ups and downs of the barometer, but aside from a painful couple of days last week, I've mostly just been a little dizzy on and off and light sensitive. My pain phases aren't usually very painful; it's the prodomes/auras that are the worst part for me so I can be grateful for that at least. I'm also just generally very achy when I try to do things, just from deconditioning, and I'm also insanely tired so I'm sleeping a lot.

Mum is doing awesome! She's really hit her stride and is able to do a lot of standing and walking she couldn't do before.

We got our crafting on last night and made some centrepieces. One for us, one for a friend. You know it's serious business when you break the glue gun out. I'm really happy with out they turned out, though! Here's ours, featuring the breakdancing Santas that I bought at a rummage sale several years ago for 50 cents and have been a staple of our decorating ever since:

I also have a new journal layout. I'm going to tweak the colours a little, probably, but I think it's easy to read on. Hopefully, at some point, my word fairy will return and there will be stuff to read again! :-D

Happy Hanukkah to anyone who is celebrating!
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