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I was singing a song today on my singing app, from "Crazy For You", and I was remembering back to when I saw it in Toronto when I was about nine years old. And I casually went, 'oh, yeah, Mickey Rooney was in that when I saw it'. And then I went, 'no, wait, that can't be right'. And I asked my mom and she agreed that she didn't think Mickey Rooney was in it when we saw it. And so I Googled it.

And it turned out I actually saw Mickey Rooney onstage when I was nine years old and for the rest of my life have casually filed that away as a thing without putting much thought it in until today. When I realized it was actually kind of cool to have seen a famous actor from the Golden Age of Cinema in probably one of his last stage roles. Especially cool due to the fact that it was one of only two professional live productions I've seen in my life. Camilla Scott of Due South fame played Polly, I did remember that when I started watching Due South later in life. She was really good.

In two other musical related items: I saw An American in Paris (a recording of the London cast) on PBS last week and it is probably the most enjoyable thing I have watched in, like, years maybe. Goodness me that is an amazing production!

And I randomly watched a bit of a French rock musical on youTube this morning in a 'just woke up and watching youTube' way and discovered I can now understand French without subtitles if it is spoken by clear-speaking European French people. Which is less helpful than if I understood it when spoken by rapid-speaking French-Canadians, but a step in the right direction.
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