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Hello! Just a quick update: still moseying along. In some ways, I feel a lot better than I have in months, which is awesome. You don't grow a 9mm stone overnight, so it was probably there for a while and might explain why I've felt so crappy lately. But I am still super tired, which is understandable. The stent pain is okay now, just a few twinges here and there and not noticeable unless stone fragments are trying to get by it. I had a rough night last night with a fever, but it broke and now I feel good, so I think it might just have been my body getting the upper hand in the infection battle. Or I might have overdone it yesterday. I went out for a massage and stopped to get a few groceries, which only took maybe five minutes but still knocked me on my ass. The massage was nice but meant I was awake when I might have been napping, so I think being overtired was part of it. I literally did not sleep from 6AM Friday morning to about 3PM Sunday afternoon, aside from a couple of dozy naps and when I was under for the surgery. So I have a bit of sleep to catch up on. If it gets worrisome, I'll go and get looked at, but hopefully, it was just a bad day. According to Mum, Post Op Day 3 is always the worst day. And having Mum on hand, she'll know when to be worried or not.

In other, entirely unrelated news, Family Search has updated their indexing process so you don't need to download software. You can do it right on the website. I talked about doing genealogy indexing here and it's a lot of fun, if you enjoy data entry and looking at historical records. I thought I'd let people know, in case they were interested but couldn't/didn't want to download the software previously. You can just go to the 'indexing' page (linked at the top of the screen on the website) and get started.
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