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Still still here.

Hello! Back for another 'hey, still here' update. We are all still here. Mom's had a bit of a setback in her recovery--it turns out that she did have an infection, plus the haematoma. It was a bit of phone tag, but she finally got some antibiotics and everything is so much better now. The pain is better and the haematoma is almost gone, which they told her would take 6-12 months, so that's a bonus. Massage therapy is wonderful, folks, I highly recommend it for all your ailments. Also tea. We've been using a lot of David's Tea for therapeutic purposes and it's both delicious and helpful.

We were at the cottage last week and had a really great time. My cousin came with her new baby one day and the rest of the time we just chilled. Except for a harrowing drive in the rain back from a massage appointment. It was torrential. We made it through safely because my father is an excellent driver, but country roads and heavy downpours can make for a very stressful drive.

I've been playing a game like crazy lately, called Drawception, and it is keeping me so entertained. I heard about it through a youTuber I like and it's kind of like a game of Telephone/Chinese Whispers. Someone starts off the game, either with a prompt or a drawing, and it's randomly handed off to another player, who has to either draw the prompt or caption the picture, which is then handed on to the next player. No one has any idea where they are in the chain or what else has been written/drawn, so they just have to make their best guess, and the results can be hilarious. Here's a prime example of a mutating prompt: Hummingbirds are the sharks of the sky.

You can get people who suck, of course, purposefully derailing a game or trolling, but on the whole, I've only seen one mean comment in the whole time I've played. People are generally very nice and get along well and don't care if you're a good or bad artist. You don't have to draw, you can skip drawing prompts and only do prompting if you want, or you can just draw and not prompt, or you can do both.

If you're interested in joining, I do have a few tips for newbies:
- You seriously don't have to be able to draw well, stick figures work and sometimes the worse the drawing is, the more hilarious the game becomes
- You have ten minutes to draw. At first, this seems like such a short time, but once you settle in, you'll realize it's longer than you think and you can take your time.
- Don't comment on the drawing quality, good or bad, during the game. It's rude to say it's bad and saying it's awesome puts pressure on the next person. You can leave comments on the game when it's over and that's where you should compliment the drawings.
- There are a few established game patterns you might come across. One is "PIO", which means Pass it On. It's sort of the opposite of the intention of the game, the person who started wants the theme consistent. If you see 'PIO' written on the picture, you should write whatever else is written and add PIO in your prompt. If you see a prompt with PIO and want to draw it, make sure to write it plus PIO somewhere on your drawing. It's not an official rule and you won't be penalized for ignoring it, but it is considered bad form to purposefully derail it.
- Another form of game is a WikiHow game, which someone will start off with a Step One, then next person either prompts or draws Step Two and so on. If you receive a prompt with a Step number in it, draw the NEXT step, not the prompt itself. If you receive a drawing with a Step in it, prompt with the next step, don't describe the drawing. Here's an example of a successful game: Become a Mermaid (Warning for cartoon vomit).
- If you don't want to draw or prompt, you can skip. There's no penalty for it and you can skip as much as you want. If you don't know a prompt or can't think of anything, always skip. Do not derail. Derailing is for jerks.
- There's a lot of running 'jokes' and memes that can get annoying, but you can always skip them. Shrek is an oddly popular meme. And poop. And death. But you'll come across good prompts often enough to enjoy it if all that's not your jam. All games should be SFW unless you opt in to NSFW games. You can report any games which break the rule, there's a flag at the top of the screen.
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