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Sorry to disturb you, your majesty...

It is an inevitable thing that in this house, if you put a towel on the floor anywhere, Ascii will lie on it. Doesn't matter where. Spill some water in the kitchen and leave the towel to dry it up? Come back and Ascii is lying on it. Her little Scottie brain is sure that it must have been placed there for her, so clearly it would be rude not to lie on it.

A few weeks ago, the dark wood parts of our deck were so hot that she couldn't walk on them to get outside, so I put down a towel she could walk on to get to the stairs (after that it's all light wood, so it was okay. Sure enough, she decided to lie on it. Except, she really took to lying on it. She started to ask to go out just so she could lie on the towel in the sun. We couldn't leave a towel out there all summer, so my dad put down a little spare bit of carpet he puts on top of the freezer to brush her. And now she asks to go out to lie on there. And today I've had to go three times to get her to come in. She just stared at me and went back to lying on it. I've finally convinced her now that she should come in so I can have a nap and not worry about her being stuck out there.

I don't have a picture of her basking, but I do have a picture from a few weeks ago, of her playing nursemaid to Mum. She'd just had a haircut and was shaved down for the summer, but Mum was so hot after her surgery we had the fans blowing on her and the air conditioning going to keep her cool. Which was too cold for Ascii, who was shivering without her fur, but wouldn't get off the bed because Mum was sick and she had to look after her. So we came up with a solution. Here is Ascii, wrapped up in a duvet with a heating shawl over her, lying next to Mum's pillow to protect her:

Also, here she is waiting for Mum to be done her massage at the massage therapists' office:

And utterly exhausted from all her hardworking as a nurse:

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