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Character Development!

Couple of daemon memes. Because I can still meme and character development, even if the rest of me is broken.

Mathurin LeBlanc has a Canada Lynx. Lynxes are nocturnal, solitary creatures, with excellent senses of hearing and the ability to track and survive well in the snow and cold.

Name: “Isra” (pronounced “Ee-sra” in French and ‘Iz-ra’ in English) [meaning ‘travels by night’]
Nickname: Isette (Ee-ZETTE)
Major Personality Traits Isra is a very chill daemon, curious about the world around her and enjoying new experiences and meeting new people. She can be a bit too ‘all-knowing’ at times, a bit too sure she knows the answer and may come across as patronizing or smug as a result. She’s open-minded and friendly, a little more so than Mat, who tends to be happy to chat but not as interested in beginning the conversation. She can get restless with too much ‘sameness’ and encourages Mat to learn new things or go new places if he’s been following the same routine for too long.
How he/she sleeps: Mat doesn’t sleep a lot, but Isra likes it when he does, so she turns right over on her back and luxuriates in bed, often a little grumpy when he wakes up again.
How he/she travels with his/her human: She moves with light, confident steps, head high and eyes moving around to look at the world, rarely deviating from the course Mat has set. If Mat is working in the lab or morgue, she tends to be up on his shoulders to peer down, moving agilely around to keep her balance as he moves and bends to do his job.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: She settles herself down at his feet in a relaxed fashion, and sometimes bats at the balls of wool if he’s knitting, or flicks her ears to music.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: In the time period that Mat was a child, he was expected to contribute to the household and went to work very early, so Isra tried to be hardworking, helpful animals, like dogs or horses or donkeys. She originally settled as a hound, but when Mat died, she briefly turned to Dust before he came back to life, and she was unsettled again. The rebirthing process of becoming a vampire tends to do that. She maintained her hound form to help Mat blend into his old life again, but in private, shifted and tried to find her place, like he did. She felt much happier when they went to Canada and tried being beavers and owls and wolves for awhile, but ultimately settled again as a lynx. If she’d known Mat was eventually going to become a doctor, she thinks she would have tried to settle as something more useful, but it’s too late now, really.
What his/her voice sounds like: A very smooth, rich, deep purr. She only ever speaks in French to Mat, regardless of what language he’s speaking, and her accent is not only French-Canadian but the original 1600s Norman French accent that the Canadian one developed from.

Margot Belleview has a pygmy marmoset. Marmosets are social, clever creatures, who have a sophisticated communication system and are highly caring of those in their community.

Name: “Hallen” [meaning ‘to repeat back what’s been said’]
Nickname: Hal
Major Personality Traits Hal is a cheerful, energetic daemon with a perpetual happiness and nosy interest in people around him. He’s happy in a group of people, loves to listen to chatter and gossip, and wants to hear all about everyone and their life stories. He can be a bit unfocused, a bit easily distracted by the world around him and tends to feel things more deeply than Margot does, takings things more to heart than they’re meant.
How he/she sleeps: Margot still has a few stuffed animals from when she was little and Hal usually wraps himself around one when they go to bed.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Hal likes to sit on Margot’s shoulder and is always very interested in who she’s talking to or interpreting for. Sometimes he signs along with Margot if he gets excited or engrossed in the conversation.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Hallen can be chill. Like, he’s capable of it. He can sit still and everything. But more often, he’s a little fidgeting and playing with something in his hands or practicing fingerspelling or something. It’s not that he’d rather be doing something else, he finds it easier to be quiet if he’s also doing something else.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: He quite fancied being squirrels when Margot was young, and the occasional giraffe. Also a bird of paradise when Margot was figure skating.
What his/her voice sounds like: Cheerful and bright, with a smile hiding in it.
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