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Original: The Vampire Outreach Service

Title: The Vampire Outreach Service
Characters: Mathurin LeBlanc, Margot Belleview, Ru Fenmore, Austin Leroy, Louis the Chow Chow
Rating: G
Warnings: none
Word Count: 8,333
Summary: The Sterling branch of the Vampire Outreach Service attempts to spread good mental health and friendship to a skittish new member, with a little help from a fluffy lion dog and a friendly ASL interpreter.
Disclaimer: Work is all from my own imagination. Any resemblance to other characters or situations is coincidental.
Notes: Original work, a follow-up to The Best Parts of Existing". I wanted to play around with my characters some more, and work on world-building and creating a cast of OCs, and all that jazz. As a result, this is sort of a simple story, lengthy due to having to explain more than I would if it were an established verse people were familiar with already. I think my basic MO in all the things I write is, instead of Ordinary People Having Extraordinary Adventures, I write Extraordinary People having Ordinary Adventures. I'm still working out all my Rules for this universe, but I'm having fun with it.

Sterling, Ontario does not exist (though Stirling, Ontario does). I created it based on what I needed for the setting, but I imagine it being up in the Sudbury area of the province, but a little closer to the Québec border.

Also, my mom was very concerned about Mat's fictional dog's welfare, so, for the record, when Mat works nights, his tenants come to make sure Louis has everything he needs before bed. The fictional dog is fine, Mom!

Thanks to everyone who commented on the first story and showed interest in it. It made me very chuffed.

Having contacts is good for one’s mental health.Collapse )
Tags: elements: modern day vampire, fandom: none, length: oneshot, rating: g

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