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14 December 2016 @ 10:16 am
Star Wars Daemons  
This was probably inevitable: Star Wars daemons. I’ve only done The Force Awakens-appearing characters (for now), and only humans, as I haven’t quite decided if all species have daemons or it’s just a human thing. Also, I’ve obviously used Earth animals, even though they probably don’t exist in the Star Wars galaxy, because otherwise...I wouldn’t have any animals to give anyone.


Iskati (meaning ‘to seek’)
a kangaroo rat
Kangaroo rats are desert animals, equipped to live where it’s dry with little water. They live in large groups with whom they forage for food, but are solitary within those groups. They are agile jumpers. When Rey is excited or pleased with herself, Kat jumps up and down in place.

Dell (no meaning)
a Canaan dog
All stormtroopers have dog daemons, as part of the lack of individuality clause. Those who don’t settle as dogs are not tolerated.Canaans are alert, watchful dogs with high survival instincts, quick to react, and defensive but not aggressive. They get bored with repetitive training and may decide to do something else instead of what they’re told. Like Finn, Dell did not have a proper name for most of her life, just a designation. When it became apparent that it was weird she didn’t have one, she named herself in honour of Poe Dameron’s daemon, Lidella, which Finn shortened to Dell. Then it turned out Poe wasn’t dead, but Lidi was totally cool with having a namesake, so Dell is what she goes by now.

Poe Dameron
Lidella [“Lidi”] (meaning ‘to soar’)
a common swift
Swifts are agile, fast flyers--amongst the best flyers in the bird world--who spend most of their lives in the air and only land to nest. They form ‘screaming parties’, where they fly around in packs together. When Poe gets bored, Lidi tends to start to swoop aimlessly around him in a circle, especially if he’s been on the ground for a while.

Ben Solo/Kylo Ren
Mishi (meaning ‘errant’)/ Mana (meaning ‘power’ or ‘one whose power deserves respect’)
a black mamba
Mambas are unpredictable, vicious in attack, and amongst the fastest, quickest, most deadliest snakes on the planet. When in attack, they fly at their targets, launching themselves for a deadly strike. When Ben became Kylo Ren, Mishi became Mana. She curls around his helmet or arm and her mouth opens massively when Ren is angry, making all those in the vicinity flee if they know what’s good for them.

Leia Organa
Anku (meaning ‘resilient’)
a sable
Sables are intelligent animals, who fiercely defend their homelands but may wander far if necessary, and who live in deep burrows. They are considered an animal of royalty and in heraldry, the colour ‘sable’ is a symbol of constancy and sorrow. Anku is a small dignified daemon, who tends to be very still in the midst of chaos and very busy in the midst of calm.

Han Solo
Zigara [‘Zig’ to most, ‘Ziggy’ to Han only, in private] (meaning ‘gypsy’)
a merlin
Merlins are wandering birds, who are migratory and use whatever homes they find along the way. They are exceptionally good flyers, who hunt fast and low on the wing. Zig is a bit of a klutz, who is fine while she’s flying, but the more cool Han presents himself as, the more Zig tends to fall off things and get her wings caught on stuff.

Luke Skywalker
Najaya [“Naya”] (meaning ‘a source of hope’)
a dragonfly
Dragonflies are strong, agile fliers, who engage in dogfights to defend their territories. Symbolically, they’re often considered ‘otherworldly’, and are cultural symbols of courage, swiftness, and strength. Naya was once a darting, hyper daemon who buzzed around non-stop, but after Luke’s training and in the intervening years, she’s become a more sedate, graceful, quiet daemon, regally hovering over his shoulder.
_medley__medley_ on December 15th, 2016 12:28 pm (UTC)
These are all great, but Han's is just TOO PERFECT.