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Update + Fic Round Up

Hello, all! Happy Canada Day!

I thought I'd do a quick update while I was here, since I haven't been very active this month. My mom is doing great. She's just using a cane now, and she's in so much less pain, it's wonderful to see. It actually made me a little teary to see her walking so easily again. She's having some trouble with low iron/haemoglobin because she bled a lot during her surgery, but that's the only problem that she's dealing with right now, and it's getting better.

We're all pretty exhausted around here, though, but we're off to the cottage tomorrow for a week, which is perfect timing. I've basically been alternating between napping, writing this epic Agent Carter opus that's eating my brain, and binge-watching White Collar and Covert Affairs on Canadian Netflix (neither of which I had seen before, but OMG, I love them both, they are just the right level of what my tired brain can handle in a plot at the moment).

Here's the first half of this year's fic round-up. Hopefully, I will have more stories to post in the next six-month. At the very least, this epic fic should be done. At some point.


In the Middle (Agent Carter/Nero Wolfe)[3407 words, G]
Character Flaws (MCU {70's era}) [5,665 words, PG-13]


Bad Habits (MCU {Agent Carter}, daemons) [3,656 words, PG]
Doctor, Butler, Therapist (MCU {70's era}) [4,719 words, PG-13]


No Repairs Needed (MCU {Agent Carter}) [2,192 words, PG]
Camp Sludge (MCU {The First Avenger era}) [5,016 words, PG]


The Book Fairy (MCU {SuperKids verse}) [4,233 words, G]
Love and Enthusiasm (MCU {70's era}) [5,138 words, PG]
Happy Families (MCU {50's era}) [4,965 words, G]


Giving Oneself Airs (MCU {30's era}) [3,540 words, PG]


Identity Crisis (MCU [50's era]) [21,264 words, PG]
Tags: fic roundup, rantage and randomosity

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