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Somedays are like that, even in Australia...

Well, I was supposed to go to a concert put on by the city symphony this afternoon, but it was canceled due to the impending storm that never actually showed up. Then Adam (my older brother) and Amalie (my bf and his fiancee) were supposed to come over for dinner tonight and Ama, my mum and I were going to watch a movie. Ama called and canceled due to a family emergency, so that didn't happen either. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I have to go to school and work on my unbelievably poorly written Philosophy unit so I can hopefully have the course done before Christmas, if I don't rip it up and jump on it first. My computer is too unadvanced work on my Poser artwork for longer than a few minutes at a time in between heavy waiting periods and none of the stories I have tried to work on lately have gone anywhere. So, I'm feeling kind of blah.

Trying to look on the brightside, I did get some Stargate icons made and posted. Mum and I watched 'Warm Springs' tonight in lieu of Hairspray and enjoyed it very much. I got my hair cut on Thursday and they straightened it and it looks awesome and will continue to until I wash my hair again. To illustrate what an event it is for me to have straight hair, it took two hairdressers, one on each side of my head, each armed with a blow dryer and a straightening iron to accomplish the feat. My hair is uber curly (and don't you dare say you wish your hair was curly, you do not want my hair). So, life isn't too bad, really. Today just sort of sucked. I think it might be PMS. Maybe I should go drink some more chocolate milk...
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