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All the Memes: Steve and Nora Rogers

Since my flash drive crash, I've been trying to rebuild some of the character development stuff I lost, and I'm going to post it for sake of insurance.

These are all the character memes combined together, for Steve Rogers, and Nora Rogers, from the Super Kids 'verse joonscribble and I have going on.

Steve Rogers

What they smell like: Steve smells predominantly of soap. Very clean, very squeaky. He doesn’t really wear cologne, and he doesn’t need to, because the serum significantly reduced his ability to produce BO. He was given Old Spice deodorant when he woke up (thanks, Coulson!), and that’s what he still uses because there are a lot of brands and scents and he might as well stick to the one he knows. The cologne he does wear, when he’s dressed up for something, has a fresh, clean, green, citrus scent. He got during a lesson on how shopping malls work, taught by Natasha, who also picked out the cologne.
How they sleep: On his side, facing Nora, with his arm draped over her hip. Sometimes he’ll wind up on his back, from old army bunk and narrow bed habits. He sleeps in his boxers and a t-shirt, and gets up really early to run with Victor in morning. Most of the time he only goes to bed because Nora is going, not because he’s actually that tired.
What music they enjoy: Steve still likes the classics, he’s not going to lie, but isn’t really that put off by modern music. He’ll listen to what’s playing, and not complain about it 99% of the time, unless the lyrics are really violent or offensive. Music was never something he was that passionate about before he was frozen, and there are too many genres now to keep up with them all. Whatever the radio has on, that’s cool with him.
How much time they spend getting ready every morning: Almost no time at all. He showers, and he gets dressed, and that’s about it. Maybe ten or fifteen minutes of effort.
Their favourite thing to collect: Steve is pretty stoked about pens. Modern pens are awesome. If anyone needs a pen, it’s cool, because Steve always has one. You can just carry them in your pocket, and they don’t leak, so there’s no reason not to have a pen. Nora noted when she first started visiting Steve’s place that it was really tidy, but there were pens everywhere.
Their family:
Joseph Rogers (father, killed in WWI)
Sarah Rogers (mother, a waitress, deceased)

Nora Rogers (wife, bookshop owner)
JJ Rogers (son, children’s book author and illustrator)
Teresa Iver (daughter-in-law, photographer)

Winnie Watson-Barnes (goddaughter, forensic pathologist)
A weird/obscure fear they have: Iron lungs. He was put in one when he had polio and it totally freaked him out. Thankfully, it’s such an obscure fear that he never encounters it, but sometimes Nora watches period dramas with people in iron lungs, and he gets a little antsy.
A secret skill: That thing that makes Steve able to calculate how his shield is going to bounce off stuff? Makes him super good at pool, too.

What they are like when they're drunk: This isn’t a thing that is relevant any more. Steve can’t get drunk. However, Bucky is happy to tell you about the times back when Steve could get drunk. From his telling, Steve was fighty, lightweight drunk, who saw injustice even where there was none, and tried to right wrongs that weren’t there. Bucky has fond memories of carrying Steve home over his shoulder. And sometimes in a wheelbarrow.
Tattoos/scars/birthmarks: None. Steve’s scars were healed with the serum, and he can’t form new ones. He has a few moles here and there, over his back, but otherwise, he’s mark-free. And he can’t get tattoos, even if he wanted them. They’d heal out of him in a couple of years. And no, Tony, that is not a good reason to get a bunch of stupid ones just cause he can.
Frivolous thing that makes them really happy: Chilling on the rooftop with Nora. Even just sitting there and doing nothing, he gets really happy when he does it.
Stupid thing that makes them really annoyed: Nora leaves bobby pins everywhere. Stepping on one makes Steve very annoyed.
Special skills: Amongst all his awesome superhero skills, Steve can also toss pancakes in the air to flip them while they’re cooking, speak French fluently, draw very well, and solve a Rubik's cube really fast (he learned the last one during his cognitive function tests when he woke up from the ice).
Prized possession(s): Steve has learned not to put much stock in possessions, since they can all be taken away in a moment (or seventy years that feels like a moment). Things aren’t important, people are important. You can’t possess people, though, you can just love them. Nora and JJ are his prized loved ones. And Victor, who he does, technically own, but is obviously a member of the family. Steve’s his guardian, not his owner.
Medical conditions Formerly: everything, all of the medical conditions. Currently: none. None of the medical conditions.
Comfort food/activity/object: Steve turns inwards when he’s upset, and draws quietly by himself or goes for a run. Nora wishes he’d turn outwards more often. Over time, she’s learned how to tell if it’s just a bad day, in which case she’ll leave him alone. If she thinks it’s something more, she purposely provokes him until he gets mad at her and tells her what he’s upset about.

Nora: Are you okay?
Steve: I’m fine.
Nora: Are you really okay, or are you just saying that?
Steve: No, I’m really okay.
Nora: Are you sure, because you look like you might not be okay.
Steve: I’m fine, Nor.
Nora: Now you sound annoyed, are you annoyed?
Steve: Stop it!
Nora: Stop what? I’m just asking if you’re okay. Are you?
Steve: *exasperated* We had to put down a dog today and I don’t want to talk about it!
Nora: Oh, I’m so sorry. *hugs*
Steve: *talks about it*

Talking about it is comforting, as it turns out, especially with Nora stroking his head. Does he remember that the next time he’s upset? No. No, he does not.

what's their favourite item of clothing/jewelry: Once again, Steve doesn’t put much stock in favorite things. Clothing is clothing, and he does his best to always look presentable, but he’ll wear whatever fits and isn’t scruffy looking. The only items he consistently wears on a daily basis are his wedding ring, and his badass watch, which tells him all kind of information he doesn’t even want to know, but he really likes it anyway.
what do they do when they can't sleep: Exercise, or a read a book. Usually he’ll try reading a book first, then he’ll get up and go for a jog, no matter what time of night it is. It’s not like anyone’s going to mess with him, and he has thwarted three mugging attempts on other people, so it’s beneficial for everyone.
what would they impulse buy at the grocery store: Campbell’s soup. It still exists, and it is still mmm...mmm...good, and it still tastes mostly the same as when he was sick and his mother made it for him. Tomato is his favorite, but chicken noodle is good, too. If either of the other Rogerses are sick, Steve is there with soup, toute suite.
what kind of comments did they get on their school report cards: Academically, Steve was always praised for his interest, his intelligence, and his hard work. His grades suffered a little for how often he was out of school ill, but only in that he probably would have had straight A’s if he made it every day, instead of doing the homework Bucky brought for him to do and took back for him to get graded on. Socially, he evidently needed to sit the fuck down and stop trying to police the classroom, school yard, and everywhere else.
what’s their coffee order: Coffee. In a cup. Strong, hot. Maybe milk. No sugar. And yes, he knows how to order at Starbucks, but everything they have there tastes like liquid sugar, so he’ll just stick with his coffee. In a cup.
what sort of apps would they have on their smartphone: He has some games on there that he plays with JJ for bonding time, now that JJ has moved out of the home, and the Avengers social media app that acts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined for the Avengers family. Other than that, he uses his phone for talking and taking pictures.
how do they act around children: Steve is great with kids. He crouches down and listens to them with respect, and all the little boys and girls who want to meet their hero leave awestruck. He’s never afraid to be goofy or silly, and will play pretend or let you dress him up in stupid clothing, or even paint his fingernails.
what would they watch on tv when they’re bored and nothing they really like is on: Probably the classic movie channel, but he’d be most likely to just turn the TV off and do something else.

Who did they look up to the most as a child? Mr Barnes, Bucky’s dad. He was the closest thing Steve had to a father, and seemed to realize that, and provided good male role modelship for him. He taught him how to shave (not that Steve ever needed to, but Mr Barnes always insisted he’d be getting his whiskers ‘any day now’, even when Steve was in his twenties). He taught him how to tie a tie. He lectured him when he was stupid, and he was proud of him when he did something good. Steve bases most of his fathering techniques on Mr Barnes.
What nicknames/pet names/terms of endearment did they have when they were little? Other than ‘my boy’ from his mother, and the obvious ‘Shrimp, Midget, Squirt’, etc. from the neighborhood boys, Steve mostly just went by ‘Steve’ or ‘Rogers’. Mr Barnes called him Champ, sometimes.
What clothing do they like to wear, and what do they wear most often? Steve has three modes of dress: jogging, slumming around the house, and being seen in public. Jogging is just sweats. Slumming around the house, he’ll wear jeans and a t-shirt (usually solid colors, but he has some with baseball logos on them, too). If he’s going out to the shelter or to visit anyone or shopping, he’ll put on slacks and a dress shirt, and look presentable. He favors beiges and blues, and the boldest he ever gets is maybe a plaid shirt or something.
Do they sing or play any musical instruments, even if just for fun? How well? One of the few skills Steve does not possess is musical ability. He’s not tone-deaf, he can carry a tune, but he’s not by any means a great singer. He never learned an instrument. And his sense of rhythm is good, but he doesn’t have enough confidence to dance really well, or any notion of what to do with his body if he tries. He’s basically your grampa.
What are they like when they get sick? Do they have a particular system (ears, lungs, etc) that illness gravitates to? Steve can’t get sick. As a child, he had bad lungs, though. And bad everything else, but what sticks out was how often he was wheezing.
What is a gift that they have received that was especially touching or significant? The first year that Steve was dating Nora, he went to her parents place for Christmas. Her mother made him a stocking--sewed it for him, and put his name on it and everything--so he would have one like all the other people there. He was surprisingly touched by it, and he still uses it every year. It was his first ‘family’ Christmas since waking up, and that was really meaningful for him.
How do they arrange or decorate their living space? Steve leaves all of that to Nora. Previous to her moving in with him, his brownstone was rather spartan--warm in tone and color, but very functional due to the fact that he had no ‘stuff’ to put in it. He’d only been alive for five years, technically, so he didn’t have a physical history to carry with him. Nora brought flowers and color with her when she came, and plenty of stuff. The only space that she hasn’t taken over is Steve’s kind of ‘man cave’ in the basement, in which there are baseball posters, and lots of pictures of his Avengers friends, and his old WWII buddies, including Peggy, and a picture of Steve and Howard Stark, which was in the Stark’s living room for years and years. Tony gave it to Steve, thinking it would mean more to him than it ever would to himself. When JJ was little, Steve used to hold him up and point to people on the wall and tell stories about them.

Nora Rogers

What they smell like: Unsurprisingly, Nora’s perfume is very floral, with notes of orange blossom, peony, jasmine, and lily of the valley. She doesn’t wear a lot of of it, though, and the scent is more suggested than present. She smells much more strongly of the coconut oil she uses to keep her curls in line, to the point that Steve can’t eat anything made with coconut oil because ‘it tastes like you’.
How they sleep: On her stomach, one leg hitched up toward Steve. She wears nighties to bed, mostly, and doesn’t like pajamas. She will try to steal pillows in her sleep. Steve keeps a very strong hold of his. Victor takes turns with who he sleeps with, so she sometimes has him draped over her feet.
What music they enjoy: Anything with a Celtic flair to it, including traditional folk songs, or fiddle-tinged folk rock. She sings folk songs to JJ, and her plants. She also likes the CDs with nature sounds underneath tingly piano music, and that’s what’s usually gently playing at the bookshop. And she likes boyband music. She was a child of the 90s, okay. Don’t judge her.
How much time they spend getting ready every morning: It depends on what day it is, where she’s going, and how much patience she has. Her make-up tends to be very minimal, but her hair takes a while unless she decides to stuff it in a bun. Generally somewhere between half-an-hour to an hour, including time to wake-up and shower.
Their favourite thing to collect: Fairy tale books with pretty illustrations.
Their family:
Joseph ‘Spike’ Phelan (father, architect and volunteer fireman)
Annette Phelan (mother, window dresser)
Joseph ‘Fox’ Phelan (older brother, teacher and volunteer fireman, is married with two kids)
Jillian ‘Jilly’ Alstead (older sister, adopted, one kid with her boyfriend)

Steve Rogers (husband, former supersoldier and superhero, now works with animals)
Joseph ‘JJ’ Rogers (son, children’s author and illustrator)
Teresa Iver (daughter-in-law, photographer)

A weird/obscure fear they have: People with ‘too many teeth’
A secret skill: Is really good at remembering how people like their coffee

What they are like when they're drunk: At a buzzed level, Nora has flushed cheeks, and is really happy to be there, thank you for inviting her, friendly friend. At a tipsy level, she starts to get super interested in how your life is going, and wants to know all the details right now. Drunkish, she starts to be concerned with tidying up the area, which is weird, because she’s not very tidy sober. Full-on drunk she will: take that drink you’re still drinking because you put it down and she’s trying to clean up, pick up stray objects that are lying around, including your phone or wallet, but only to keep them safe, and examine any plant-life to make sure it doesn’t need water. She rarely reaches full-on drunk, as she’s not a big drinker, but when she does, Steve searches her before they leave and returns all the objects to their owners.

Steve: *hands over a prototype of a laser gun*
Tony: Your wife is the sweetest kleptomaniac I’ve ever met.

Tattoos/scars/birthmarks: Freckles everywhere, freckles for days, freckles forever. They seem to be fading as she gets older, though! She also has a scar from one of the times aliens attacked New York, but by this point, she can’t really remember which time. It’s on her leg, and hard to see because of the freckles.
Frivolous thing that makes them really happy: Books that smell like books
Stupid thing that makes them really annoyed: Raisins that masquerade as chocolate chips. It’s the worst kind of deception.
Special skills: Has a rather nice singing voice, can follow a recipe really well, is super good at finding books you’d like to read, is good at reading aloud, has a green thumb, good at putting people at ease when she talks to them
Prized possession(s): Nora has an Irish dancing doll named Ceili that she got when she was very little, and who still sits on her nightstand. Victor did not take kindly to Ceili when Nora moved into Steve’s place, and tore one of her legs off, but Ceili has had surgery and lives to dance another day. Victor and Ceili now get along fine, and Steve assured Nora that Victor was very ashamed of what he had done and sorry about it, and was actually really thrilled Nora had come to live with them. She also has the little cartoon Steve drew her when he asked her to marry him, which carefully stored away so it doesn’t get wrinkled or anything.
Medical conditions Burns as soon as the sun looks at her funny, and has a strong resistance to local anesthetic, which makes the dentist fun and having a baby even more fun.
Comfort food/activity/object: Nora’s default response to a bad day is to go home and put her face in Steve’s pecs. It’s very comforting there.

what's their favourite item of clothing/jewelry: Nora has a charm bracelet that she wears on special occasions. Amongst the charms are: a storybook, a heart with an American flag in it, a baby rattle with JJ’s birthstone, a paw print, a watering can, a dance shoe, wedding rings, and a celtic knot.
what do they do when they can't sleep: Bake cookies. During the last couple of weeks of her pregnancy, when JJ was overdue and she couldn’t get comfortable, there were more cookies than anyone could possible eat. Steve was forcing them on people desperately. Tony and Thor were really great about helping a brother out.
what would they impulse buy at the grocery store: Seeds. They have little packets in a carousel by the cash. She can’t help herself.
what kind of comments did they get on their school report cards: Nora was described as a quiet, happy child, who read at several grade levels above her own. One teacher suggested they might remedy this ‘problem’ by discouraging Nora from reading at home so much. Spike told Nora to read as much as she wanted and fuck everyone else, which remains one of the longest sentences she’s heard him form, and good advice that she follows to this day.
what’s their coffee order: Nora prefers hot chocolate to coffee, but if she is drinking it, she likes two sugars, and flavoured cream.
what sort of apps would they have on their smartphone: She has a bunch of apps that help her keep her shop together, including one that lets her scan credit cards. She also has an app that tracks the weather and makes suggestions about rotating her flowers, or how much to water them. She plays a few online games with friends, too, and has the app that Tony created to keep the Avengers family connected now that they’re starting to spread out a little. She had to turn off the push notifications; they were so frequent her battery kept dying.
how do they act around children: Nora is usually the one with a sleeping baby on her chest at family gatherings, or reading a book to the kids. She loves JJ like crazy, but did not enjoy being pregnant very much, though she would have done it again if she and Steve were really passionate about it, but they weren’t, and she kind of feels like she has partial stock in Winnie. She’s never worried about JJ being an only child, because he and Winnie are so close.
what would they watch on tv when they’re bored and nothing they really like is on: She’ll put on the Home and Garden Network and watch people buy houses, much to Steve’s confusion. Why are they being so picky? What does it matter if the countertops are granite? Why does he feel so emotionally invested in the choice they’re going to make, and why is he oddly disappointed they didn’t chose the one with the big backyard for the dogs?

Who did they look up to the most as a child?: Her mother. Nora's always admired her mother's ability to just care about everyone and everything, and go around looking after people without ever stopping to think it might be an effort to do it. She set a fine example of how a person can be a good parent and still do the job they love. Nora hopes she isn't quite as fussy about everything as her mother is, but if she's half as warm and caring as her, she'd be really pleased.
What nicknames/pet names/terms of endearment did they have when they were little? 'Sunshine' was used by her mother, and is still used. Her grandfather called her his 'sweet colleen', but he also called all his female grandchildren that (while insisting to each of them that they were his 'favourite' one). Dad calls her 'Nor', which a lot of other people do as well, but Nora feels like that's his equivalent of 'sweetheart'. She also feels that way when Steve uses it, too, actually.
What clothing do they like to wear, and what do they wear most often? Nora is very much a boho in her style of dress. She likes things over-sized and flowy, and owns a lot of long cardigans, and sundresses, and leggings. Most often, she's in a long blouse, leggings, some sort of cover-up, and pair of comfortable shoes to be standing around in all day. These are her favourite shoes.
Do they sing or play any musical instruments, even if just for fun? How well? Nora sang in the school choir, and played flute in music class, but she would be hard pressed to play a flute now. She has a pleasant singing voice, with a kind of Celtic lilt to it, and she enjoys singing Irish ballads to her plants.
What are they like when they get sick? Do they have a particular system (ears, lungs, etc) that illness gravitates to? Nora's illnesses mostly come in the form of a very high fever, where she gets red in the face, and huddles under blankets, and doesn't seem very with-it. Whatever other symptoms--cough, sore throat, etc--are secondary to the fever, which comes fast, makes her rather loopy, and leaves quickly. She's never sick for long, and she mostly just watches the Home and Garden network, or BBC mini-series’ until she feels better.
What is a gift that they have received that was especially touching or significant?
Steve gave her a locket for her birthday, when they were still dating, which was sweet in and of itself. But he also was kind of unsure about it, and mentioned that most girls wore lockets in his day, and he wasn't sure if that was still a thing, which was adorable. And on top of that, it was inspired by The Secret Garden, which is Nora's favourite book, and that made it over-the-top touching.
How do they arrange or decorate their living space? Nora likes things cozy and homey. She has flowers everywhere, both real live ones, and floral patterns on sheets and bedspreads. She likes little nooks to curl up in, and furniture that's plush that she can sink into with a good book. Books are also everywhere, and she collects old ones with nice bindings that are pretty to look at as well as enjoyable to read. Her tastes are old-fashioned, and a little Victorian.
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