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Shippy Memes: Ana and Jarvis Edition

Because memes make everything better!

I actually did these last year, before we met the canon!Ana Jarvis, so I wanted to modify them again now that we have met her.

I keep meaning to reorganize these questions to have the order make more sense, but it's too hard on my iPad, so for now they will remain haphazard. My iPad is also the reason for any weirdness in formatting or autocorrect. There is only so long I am willing to fight about a misplaced capital before I say 'you win, iPad'.

big spoon/little spoon: Ana is much more of a snuggler than Jarvis, and tends to initiate the spooning, but Jarvis is usually big spoon when it happens, though sometimes Ana will latch onto him instead. He doesn’t mind that. In fact, he finds it rather comforting. Most of the time, they sleep facing one another, or with Jarvis on his back, and Ana snuggled into his side.
favorite non-sexual activity: 7:00 sherry, 8:00 radio. As time went on, the radio switched to television some nights, or they put on old records instead, but otherwise, the schedule remained in place as much as it could be with Jarvis’ haphazard comings and goings for work.
what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Neither existed in their lifetime, but when television came in, both Ana and Jarvis enjoyed a good sitcom in the evenings. Ana controlled the remote, and Jarvis watched whatever she put on.
who uses all the hot water: Ana enjoys long hot baths, Jarvis enjoys brisk, hot showers. They mostly manage to deal with this issue by choosing their bathing times appropriately, but Jarvis has taken more than one cold shower in his lifetime.
most trivial thing they fight over: Paprika, and how much should be put into a dish. Ana’s opinion is ‘all the paprika’ and Jarvis is ‘none of the paprika’. He swears she puts extra paprika in when she’s angry with him.
who cooks normally?: It’s about equal, really. Ana does most of the tea and dinner cooking, and Jarvis does breakfast.
who kissed who first?: Ana kissed Jarvis. He was being silly and polite and British, and there is only so much a girl can stand before she has to take matters into her own hands.
who does most of the cleaning: Jarvis tends to tidy-up. Ana is not so tidy, but she’s learned to pick up after herself better. The cleaning is done by a cleaner, who does the Stark residence as well.
who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Jarvis. Mr Stark is their landlord. Jarvis brings it up over breakfast, and it’s usually fixed by supper.
who remembers anniversaries: They both do. Ana celebrates them with vigor, Jarvis is more modest, but he always picks lovely gifts.
How often do they fight?: Ana and Jarvis argue, more than they fight, and the arguing is done relatively calmly. A problem is broached, discussed, sometimes heatedly, and a conclusion is reached. Every once in awhile, there is a big fight, which involves yelling in Hungarian and the leaving of dishes where they lay. They don’t last long, just until they’ve cooled off. Once, it took two days to cool off. Mr Stark found this so distressing that he fired Jarvis ‘until you go and kiss her and make it better, damn it, you two don’t fight like this, one or both of you are being idiots, figure it out’. Unnerved that Mr Stark of all people was offering good advice, Jarvis kissed her and made it better.
What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Jarvis takes care of the Stark family and goes on thrilling adventures. Ana does whatever takes her fancy, including drawing and taking classes, designing clothing, sewing clothing, and going shopping, and being a housewife.
Nicknames for each other?: Neither are nickname-y sort of people. “My dear” and “my love” are as soppy as they get. Jarvis will sometimes call her Anuska, and but Ana could never bring herself to shorten Edwin to anything. He’s just so much an Edwin, he can’t be anything else.
Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: Jarvis, as was the custom in their day.
Who steals the covers at night?: Ana. Jarvis has had to retrieve an extra blanket for himself some nights. Sure, he could attempt to wrestle it back, but do not underestimate the vicious nature of a Hungarian woman roused from sleep.
What would they get each other for gifts?: Ana likes to make things for Jarvis: ties and clothing, and handkerchiefs. Sometimes she buys him something she knows he would like, but usually her gifts are to some degree custom. Jarvis picks up little trinkets for her in his travels, and gives art supplies or pretty buttons or fabric for her to play around with. He’ll also buy her a flower or some chocolates if he’s out and about sees something that reminds him of her.
Who swears more?: Ana. She can swear in three languages, and Jarvis is disapproving of all of them.
What would they do if the other one was hurt?: Jarvis has learned his reactions to Ana being in peril are not always logical or appropriate, so he now attempts to remain calm and focus on her welfare. The Stark family are aware Ana comes first, and days off are granted without hesitation if she needs care. Ana tends to take injury in her stride when Jarvis is hurt, and mostly tries to see that he’s not too fussed by his neglect of his duties, and look after him as best she can, and be cheerful for him.
Who started the relationship?: Jarvis is under the impression he did. Ana, however, may or may not have lost her patience with the nice Englishman who kept buying so many ties in her shop but never asked her for more, and steered conversations to such a place that he did so.
Toughest decision they've made?: Not to adopt children. After the original grief of being unable to have their own children dulled somewhat, they did consider looking into adoption. After all, they had a nice home and there were many children who needed good homes. They even looked into the process, but that’s where it fell through. The amount of digging into their past required would bring up Jarvis’ criminal record, and the safety of their home would be in question considering Ana was shot right outside it. Not to mention all the questionable science happening nearby. Plus, with all their moving around with Mr Stark, they weren’t in any state long enough to go through the process. In the end, they decided to focus on each other and their lives together, and were very happy. They adopted a Bernese Mountain dog, and Mrs Carter’s children were frequently minded (the Jarvises being godparents to her daughter), and then Tony Stark arrived, and that all helped to fill whatever void they had where children of their own might have fit.
How differently do they think of each other now compared to when they first met? Despite the whirlwind nature of their courtship, Ana and Jarvis haven’t been very surprised by one another. Ana might be a bit a more eccentric than Jarvis originally realized (in delightful ways, of course). Jarvis has more of a temper than Ana would have thought (though not in a frightening way, at least not to her). But mostly, the better they got to know one another, the more in love they were. Ana remains the bubbly, cheerful, feisty soul Jarvis found very appealing, and Jarvis remains the kind, gentle, polite, surprisingly adventurous Englishman Ana liked so much.
Where was their first date? They went for a walk around a park in Budapest. Jarvis shyly asked if he could walk Ana home one night after her shift was done. She took him the long way around.
What do their friends/family think of their relationship? Ana was quite alone when it came to family by the time she met Jarvis, and had no one to give an opinion on him, but she is of the firm belief they would have approved. Jarvis’ family mostly have a neutral opinion of Ana. They’ve never met her, and let’s face it, he did have to commit treason and be exiled from the country for her, which is really very embarrassing. However, on the whole, they accept that Jarvis is happy in his life, and keep what contact they can through letters and phone calls.

In terms of friends, fewer people can be bigger fans of Ana and Jarvis than Howard Stark. He’s super approving of them, and holds them up as an example of how stupid you should be over a girl before you marry her. If you aren’t willing to commit treason and die for her, you might as well move on, right? Their other friends were made once they arrived in America, and the general opinion is that Ana and Jarvis are a nice, if odd pair of people who seem to love each other very much.
How do their personalities/skills complement or contrast with each other? Jarvis’s stalwart Englishness is contrasted by Ana’s bohemian, flighty nature. He keeps her on Earth, she makes sure he lightens up a little. Jarvis is a realist, Ana a dreamer. They are a little bit of a study in opposites attracting, and, at first glance, might look like an odd pairing, but they work together well.
What is their favorite aspect of each other? Ana admires Jarvis’ devotion and loyalty to those he cares about. Jarvis enjoys Ana’s joie de vivre, and admires her strength. She’s been through a lot and remains full of hope and life.
Do either of them have pet peeves about each other? Ana wishes Jarvis was a little less particular about things, and willing to let a task go undone for a short while. She also wouldn’t change him, but she does find his adventures worrisome, even if she thinks he’s right to go on them. Jarvis wishes Ana didn’t get such enjoyment out of embarrassing him in public, and that she would at least attempt to tone down on her spicing of food.
How would each reconcile with each other after a fight? Usually Ana makes the first move, usually by saying something like ‘oh, this is silly!’ and giving him a firm kiss. Jarvis might bring her a little gift later on to seal the truce, and Ana would probably do something nice for him to help out his day, as an apology. There might be some sex involved somewhere, too.
What would be their ideal vacation getaway together? Jarvis hates going on holiday, and has no ideal getaway. He’d rather stay at home where he knows where everything is and doesn’t have to worry about anything. Ana enjoys seeing a little of the world, and so they do go traveling together on his two weeks off during the year. Usually just to one of Mr Stark’s residences. Mr Stark almost never bothers them. Just for emergencies. You know, like, when he can’t find the thing? Or there’s a girl here, could you--oh, yeah, I guess that’s kind of a long way to come okay, maybe I’ll just go to a hotel until she leaves. Hey, bring him back a souvenir, huh? Okay, bye. No, he’s fine. He has pants and everything. Nothing’s wrong. Enjoy yourselves.
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