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Memes make the world go 'round

Meme stolen from donutsweeper

Lots of people keep a file of plot-bunnies, snippets of conversation,quotes, lyrics, ideas, inspiration--whatever. The sole purpose of this meme is to 'show me yours and I'll show you mine'.

The way I write is: if I have an idea, I write it until I don't have any more ideas for it left. Then I leave it and move onto something else. Eventually I come back to it and work a bit more. So I don't so much have a file with ideas as bits and pieces of fic written in many different notepad files.

Dresden Files
Mostly mini!Dresdens stuff
- bookverse!fic with Molly throwing Harry a surprise part with all his friends
- Next part of my DW/DF crossover
- Various sections of a DS/DF crossover
- older mini!Dresdens left on their own while Murphy and Harry go on an overnight trip together
- older Fay on her first date
- various bits and pieces from Miranda and Harry's life
- Murphy and Bob tending to Mal, Fay and Harry who all have the chickenpox
- I also have a few done pieces (Fay's birth, Harry bringing her home from the hospital, Harry breaking down after Mira's death) that I want to do something with, but I don't exactly what yet.

- Requested by Ama: DW/FF crossover
- Requested by Ama: Kaylee and Zoe being pregnant at the same time
- Mal rescues the younger sister of friends he grew up with and fought with
- Mal brings the crew to hide on a planet he recooperated on while injured during the war (told in flashback and present time)

- SGA - a look at the team and such during first contact from the point of view of an alien
- DW - something with 9 and 10 and Rose and the fate of a universe

Now, do this in your own journal and show me (as many or few, with as much or little detail as you want) yours.
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