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1940s Shields

I made more character Coat of Arms. Because it turns out to be quite fun.


I went with red, white, and blue for obvious reasons, but they also fit pretty well:

Gulles (red): military strength
Azure (blue): truth, loyalty, steadfastness
Argent (white): purity, sincerity, honour

Green and gold I added for contrast, but green means hope and loyalty in love and gold means generosity.


Steve's charge animal is a griffin. Griffins signify death-defying courage and valour, and one who will do anything in his power to prevent capture by the enemy. The green box in the corner is called a canton, and was bestowed for great acts of service. There is a fetterlock in it, which signifies one who has rescued prisoners of war. There are also two beacons, which signify someone who draws men together to fight a national conflict.


Impelle obstantia means 'thrust aside obstacles'.


Tenne (orange): means 'worthy ambition' or 'ambition rewarded'
Vert (green): means hope and loyalty in love
Azure (blue): means steadfastness, strength, and loyalty
Or (gold): means generosity and respect


Peggy has a wolf as her charge animal. Wolves signify great captains who achieve their goals through long sieges and hard enterprises, and whom it is dangerous to assail or thwart. She has a caltrop, meaning one who shows ingenuity and resourcefulness in the face of a stronger foe, and a pheon (arrow head), meaning agility, dexterity, and wit.


Pousse en avant means 'push forward'


Or (gold): generosity and understanding, respect
Azure (blue): steadfastness, loyalty
Sable (black): constancy


Jarvis has a talbot (dog) as his charge animal. They signify courage, vigilance, and loyal fidelity. He has three gold roundel, meaning one who has been found worthy of trust and treasure, and a spur, meaning a preparedness for active service.


Pretiosum quod utile means 'that is valuable which is useful'.

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