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22 February 2016 @ 10:06 am
Just being geeky again  
I was writing a story and Jarvis and Tony were joking about the Stark family crest in it, and then the 12-year-old version of me who really liked heraldry appeared and said 'hey, you should totally make a Stark family crest'. So, I did.

This was made with Coat of Arms Design Studio, which is a free application online. It made it much easier than the last time I did a character family crest, but unfortunately, I couldn't get the export feature to work on my mac, so I just screenshotted it instead.

As before, I am not an expert in heraldry, and symbols and their meanings vary according to sources, etc. But here is the crest and I made, and what I meant it to mean:

Gulles (red)-- meaning military strength
Tenne (orange)-- meaning ambition rewarded
Or (gold)-- generosity

Tenne was the main colour I chose for meaning, the other two I chose to mimic Tony's Iron Man armour, but which I also felt were semi-appropriate.


There are three hawks bells in chief, and those mean 'one who feared not to signal his approach in peace or war', which seemed pretty appropriate for both Howard and Tony's enjoyment of attention. The charge animal is a bee, which is a symbol of wealth, creativity, industry, and eloquence.


Ap ipso ferro means 'from the same iron'.

Now that I know this coat of arms maker exists, I may do other ones, for fun. Because my geekiness knows no bounds.