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Nero Wolfe daemons

Because this was inevitable as soon as I started thinking about these characters again. Nero Wolfe daemons. Surprisingly easy to do, considering these aren't the most fleshed out of folks.

Archie Goodwin
Vivika [“Viv”] (from French vif/vive meaning, variously, ‘lively, alive, sharp, keen, vivid, and bright’)
a Clark’s nutcracker
Nutcrackers are birds with incredible memories. They cache tens of thousands of pieces of food each year, and have an eidetic memory for where they placed them. They can create vivid mental maps of areas in their heads. They have little fear of humans, and in fact, are quite sociable, and will wander up to say hello. Viv likes to sit on the brim of Archie’s hat when he’s out and about, and sits on the carriage return lever of his typewriter, hopping up and down on it when it’s time to start the next line. She's also quite the dancer.

Nero Wolfe
Zveta (various Slavonic languages, meaning ‘flower/blossom’)
A Persian cat
All cats have their own temperaments, but Persians are known to be rather lazy, serene, dignified, and fussy about their foods. They are fluffy and large, and may be personable, but aren’t terribly sociable. Wolfe has been known to call Zveta ‘Zvetka’, but no one else may do so. She will sit on his knees when he’s in his chair in the office, and enjoys lazing in the sun of the orchid room.

Fritz Brenner
Koristella [“Stelli”] (from Finnish, meaning ‘to garnish’)
a chipmunk
Chipmunks spend most of their lives finding, storing, and eating food. They have large pouches in their cheeks to carry food in, and keep it in larders in their holes, which they keep neat and tidy. They are considered vital to food production in their environment. Stelli runs around on the counters and island of the kitchen, onto the next ingredient Fritz needs. She likes to sit on his cookbooks and recipes, and shoos Viv away if she gets too close to the action.

Inspector Cramer
Epimone [“Pim”] (from Greek Epimonos, meaning ‘persistant/obsinate’)
an Irish Terrier
Irish terriers are bold, brash, assertive dogs, with strong prey drives, who don’t compromise, and aren’t terribly friendly with strangers, and don’t have much desire to please people, but loyal to those they like. Pim is a grumpy daemon, who sniffs around the brownstone with suspicion whenever she enters it, and Viv notes she clacks her jaw in time with Cramer’s chewing of his cigars.

Saul Panzer
Tajni [“Taj”] (from Russian Tajnyj, meaning ‘secret/stealthy/privy/covert’)
a black rat
Rats are very intelligent creatures, capable of solving puzzles and making their way through mazes. They are altruistic, and will stop to help a friend before ensuring their own safety. They gather and secret away food for storage, and move quietly and stealthily. Taj likes to sit in Saul’s coat pocket most of the time, peering curiously out at the world. She enjoys when Saul plays piano, and has been known to hum to herself.

Fred Durkin
Fidinda [“Dina”] (from Esperanto ‘fidindaj’, meaning ‘trustworthy’)
a Cane Corso
Canes are a not generally the friendliest dogs, but are loyal and love their families. They live to do work and have a task to do, and make excellent watchdogs. They are calm and mild-mannered, and enjoy being active. Dina isn’t the brightest daemon out there, but she loves being part of the gang, and enjoys going with Fred to tail subjects or do surveillance.

Orrie Cather
Moanna [“Moe”] (from Mohan, Hindi meaning ‘bewitching, infatuating, charming’)
a ferret
Ferrets are used to ‘ferret’ things out of hiding places, and are clever, and quick. They do ‘war dances’, which involve bewitching their prey by doing a crazy dance that hypnotizes them before they strike. Moe drapes herself around Orrie’s neck in a seductive fashion, and many daemons find her very attractive and charming. She has a very bad habit of sitting on Archie’s desk when Orrie is in Wolfe’s office reporting, which Viv does not care for, and has been known to be a bit possessive of it, and perhaps a bit catty about pushing her off.
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