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12 December 2015 @ 09:40 am
Avengers: Clicks and Whirs [Steampunk AU]  
Title: Clicks and Whirs
Characters:Tony Stark, Pepper Potts [Stark], Bruce Banner, AU!J.A.R.V.I.S
Pairing: Tony/Pepper (due to Victorian AU setting, they’re married instead of boyfriend/girlfriend)
Rating: PG
Warnings/Triggers: Some mentions of wounds and missing limbs, nothing graphic.
Spoilers: Generalized MCU spoilers.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, I just like to take them out to play.
Word Count: 1972
Summary: Avengers Manor is full of clicks and whirs. And that suits Tony Stark just fine.
Author's notes: This was written for a consci_fan_mo prompt from a few years ago, I think, which was steampunk Avengers. I didn’t get the chance to write it at the time, but with the open prompts this year, I thought I’d give it a go. Please be warned my steampunk knowledge is a bit limited, but I’ve done my best to conform to the genre. Science may be questionable.

A few notes I couldn’t work into the narrative, due to the word limit:
-- It seemed to make the most sense for Captain America to have fought during the American Revolution, so I’ve made him that sort of patriot. Also, from what reading I did, it seemed America had a lot of conflict with Mexico during the 1800s, so I’ve put Tony as having been held captive there, in some unnamed conflict.
-- This is probably set around 1890, give or take a couple of years.
-- SPIDOR is an acronym for Simply Productive Item for Demolition or Repair. They look kind of like replicators from Stargate, in my head. Only not evil. Just adorable.

Cut goes to consci_fan_mo post.

Tony always awoke to clicking.