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Random Questions

A handful questions I'm going to lump together for anyone and everyone to offer their two cents (or more) on.

1. What colour are John Sheppard's/Joe Flanigan's eyes (dark blue? dark green? brown? Bluey-greeny-brown?)?

2. If you were book!Murphy and you were going to get book!Harry a birthday present, what might it be? (Post-White Nights timeframe, if that helps)

3. In Canada, we have Tim Horton's, which is a massive chain of donut shops (you may have noticed the Tim Horton's mug in Dr. McKay's room on Atlantis). When my family would go on long car trips, we'd stop at one to pick up a dozen donuts and coffee for the road. I don't think there are Tim Horton's in the 'States, so where might an American go to stock up on road donuts?

4. What is the correct grammar to indicate something belonging to both you and someone else? Ex. Taylor and mine, me and Taylor's, Taylor and I's
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