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05 December 2015 @ 01:09 am
MCU: The Man Behind the Curtain  
Title: The Man Behind the Curtain
Characters: Edwin Jarvis, Tony Stark, Howard Stark, Maria Stark
Rating: G
Warnings/Triggers: none
Spoilers: Contains characters from both Agent Carter, and Iron Man, but no major plot spoilers, as far I can see
Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters, I just like to take them out to play.
Word Count 1717
Summary: The Stark Christmas party is always the affair of the season. And no one need know the effort that goes on behind the scenes to make it that way.
Author's notes: This is set in 1974, so Tony is approx. four-and-a-half or there abouts. Fun fact: the period key on my keyboard broke near the end of writing this, and now there's just a big hole there. But it's working, somewhat, so I write on.

Written for consci_fan_mo, and the cut links to there.

All was calm within the party, however, and it was for the best if no one knew how close it was to chaos.