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Stargate Daemons

Change of season = lots of headaches, and apparently lots of headaches = giving daemons to random characters. So here, have some Stargate daemons!

I'm not actually sure if there is a cross-section of people who read this journal + people who like daemons + people who watched Stargate, but I guess we'll find out.

I only did the main characters, as there would be too many otherwise. For ease, I've given alien characters Tau'ri animals, but I assume they're sort of 'space' versions of those animals, and look slightly different. I've also never seen Universe, so I've only done SG-1 and Atlantis characters.

Colonel Jack O'Neill-- Leolin ("Leo") (Welsh, meaning 'leader') is a greater bulldog bat. Bats are excellent fliers--considered to be even better than birds. They live in large colonies, and smaller families within those colonies, and use echolocation to navigate their way around. Bulldog bats are also known as fisherman bats, because they pluck fish from the water to eat.

Colonel Samantha Carter -- Astrophel ("Stroph") (Greek, meaning 'star lover') is a Coquerel's sifaka. Sifakas are extremely agile, and can leap and glide between trees, doing flips in the air to land backwards on branches. They live in matriarchal societies, use a variety of noises and calls to communicate, and are good with their hands.

Dr. Daniel Jackson -- Hunfrith ("Femka"*) (Old English, meaning 'peaceful warrior') is a honey bee. Bees are peaceful creatures, but will sting if threatened. They are extremely intelligent, and use complex language to communicate. They work for the good of the hive, and will sacrifice themselves to save others.
*Femka is a traditional Frisian diminutive of names with Frid/Frith in them. I'd like to think even little Daniel Jackson and his daemon liked languages. I'd also like to think that O'Neill and Leo call her 'Hunny'. You know, because she's a bee.

Teal'c -- Ma'at (Egyptian goddess of truth, justice, morality and balance) is a kind of badass space eland, with really big horns. Elands live in herds, but males often live alone and visit their mates and children for short periods at a time. They are very alert and wary, and hard to sneak up on, and, when threatened, will lure predators away from the herd. They are fast runners, high jumpers, and can take on a lion and win.

Col. Cameron Mitchell -- Iolana (Hawaiian, meaning 'to soar') is a golden eagle. Golden eagles are considered to be amongst the fastest fliers in the animal world. They are very protective of their terriority, and adapt well to living in multiple climates. They tend to be very laidback during the day, but are also very aggressive in pursuit of their prey.

Jonas Quinn -- Euphranora ("Fran") (Greek meaning 'to delight') is a space version of a scrub jay. Scrub jays have incredible memories, and have the ability to plan ahead and act accordingly. They are considered amongst the most intelligent birds, create vast mental maps of areas to remember where they've put their food.

Colonel John Sheppard -- Cynwri ("Kin") (Welsh, meaning 'hero leader') is a wandering albatross. They have the largest wingspan of any bird, and spend most of their life in flight, only landing to eat and breed. They can stay in flight for several hours at a time, even in storms, and hang out around water.

Elizabeth Weir -- Tancred ("Tanny") (Germanic, meaning 'thought and counsel') is a Belgian Malinois. Malinois are very hard working, friendly, intelligent dogs, with a lot of energy and a strong urge to protect. They can be domineering, and do not react well with harsh or overbearing people.

Rodney McKay -- Vidya (Sanskrit, meaning 'knowledge/science/learning') is a African Grey parrot. African greys are extremely intelligent, and can be taught all manner of tricks and to speak a huge range of words. They can be loud, moody, difficult, and aggressive with people they don't like. On the other hand, they can form life-long bonds with a family, and be very loyal.

Ronan Dex -- Ikaika ("Kai") (Hawaiian, meaning 'strong') is a rather large golden jackal-esque creature. Jackals are solitary animals, but will live together in small groups. They prefer to hunt alone, but may join together to take down large prey. They adapt well to new surroundings, and vary their hunting technique for the prey they're catching.

Teyla Emmagan -- Adrastos ("Draz") (Greek, meaning 'not inclined to run away') is something like a wolverine. Wolverines are very versatile predators, and extremely fierce and powerful. They are surprisingly strong for their size, and roam large areas as their territory. They can also be playful, and take good care of their children.

Dr. Carson Beckett -- Eloisa ("Ellie") (Germanic, meaning 'wide health') is a bonobo. Bonobos are considered to have a 'make love, not war' attitude to life, and are very peaceful, playful creatures. They have strong mother-son bonds, and live in strong communities. They look after their sick and elderly, and are very intelligent.

Dr. Jennifer Keller -- Bonsani ("Bonni") (Esperanto, meaning 'to get well') is a banded mongoose. Mongooses are very intelligent creatures, and live together in large groups, but often work alone. Banded mongooses take care of other creatures, such as eating parasites off of warthogs, and foraging for food with baboons. Mongooses also look after their sick and elderly.

Lt. Aiden Ford -- Zarka (Serbian, meaning 'fervor/zeal) is an ocelots. Ocelots are extremely fierce protectors of territory, and will fight even to the death to protect it. They tend to be solitary, but can be pets if you work at it. They like to hang around in trees.
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