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Ship Meme: Bond and Angie Edition Part the Second

Okay, I'm done now. Probably.

Shippy Meme Part 2 for Angie and Bond.

How differently do they think of each other now compared to when they first met?

Bond was not expecting Angie to behave sensibly in a crisis, and save his ass. That was definitely not what he was expecting from the chattery, cheerful, but attractive girl he met in Carter's apartment. Her lack of damsel in distress-ness is a very pleasant change to a lot of women he meets who seem determined to get themselves kidnapped and held hostage and shot. The more he throws at her, the less she seems to react, which is kind of amazing. He's gone from seeing her as a cheerful conquest, to some sort of tiny cheerful badass.

Angie was not expecting Bond to be as super protective as he is. From Peggy, all she heard about was his womanizing, his stupidity, his oafishness, his {insert negative trait here}, but it turns out, despite all that, James will place her safety above his own, and do his best to take care of her, even if that best isn't very fluffy or sweet and more 'get over there and stay there until I tell you to come here again, woman'. He's also kind of cuddly, if you catch him in the right mood, and he will put all his attention on her while they're together, which is very enjoyable for her. She's gone from seeing him as a cute British spy, to a cute British spy who makes her feel safe and admired.

Where was their first date?

El Morocco. James took her for dinner, with the intention of fulfilling her requirements of a proper evening before he ravished her. Angie spent most of the night pointing out celebrities who were there, and paying very little attention to James, who immediately wished he'd not tried to be so suave and impressive and taken her somewhere quiet. Howard Stark was also there, and dropped by and introduced Angie to his Hollywood date, who also happened to be one of Angie's idols, and Angie left on Cloud Nine and A Half. Which, James will reluctantly admit, made him pleased. He just would have liked more footsie and groping than wondering what brand of lipstick Ava Gardner was wearing.

What do their friends/family think of their relationship?

Their relationship is something of a secret, and the only person who has any inside perspective on it is Peggy, who is dubious to say the least. However, she also recognizes that Angie and James do seem to enjoy one another's company, and they both appear happy with the odd arrangement they have, so she tries to be supportive. However, James is aware he's being monitored, and that if ever hurts Angie or causes her to be hurt, he will have hell to pay.

Q sometimes has to speak to Angie on the phone if he needs to get hold of James. He has no interest in Bond's affairs, but he has frequently requested that Bond speak to her about calling him 'Q-tie-Pie'. It's very embarrassing. For that reason, James has never brought up the subject with Angie.

Angie's mother thinks James sounds like a very interesting man, dear, but if he was a decent fellow, he'd come and meet her.

Angie: He's just really busy, Ma.
Mrs Martinelli: Next time he's in port, then.
Angie: Yeah. Sure. I'll ask him.

James: I cannot think of any possible world where it is a good idea to meet your mother.
Angie: You're telling me? Can you call her and sound like you're on a boat and be really charming?
James: How exactly do I sound like I'm on a boat?
Angie: I don't know, you're the sailor! Rock up and down on your toes and make some seagull noises.
James: How about I send her flowers and a note with my regrets?
Angie: Okay. But make sure you sound trustworthy.
James: I'll be sure to use my most gentlemanly handwriting.
Angie: You're the best!

How do their personalities/skills complement or contrast with each other?

Angie's cheerfulness and optimism and energy is a pleasant contrast to James' broody broodiness. She has a part-time residence in Cloud Cuckoo Land, and while James can't realistically join her there, it's very cheering to be around. He often leaves quite relaxed. He mostly just finds her very entertaining.

James' quiet affection and the way he treats her, and compliments her, gives Angie a confidence boost when he's around, and cheers her up if life isn't going her way. There is something about a suave British spy making it his mission to please you in bed that makes a girl feel very sexy. Conversely, Angie's tendency to punch holes in his ego is probably a good thing for him, in the long run.

They are both extremely content to be very casual lovers, don't place much in the way of expectations on one another, live totally separate lives when apart, and aren't quick to get jealous.

What is their favorite aspect of each other?
James is very fond of Angie's chest, she has a nice--oh, you mean personality wise? James admires Angie's pluckiness. She doesn't let him get away with anything, and he likes riling her up.

Angie likes James' steadiness. He's solid as a rock, and even though he comes and goes, he seems reliable. You could call him and say you needed something, and he'd crawl across broken glass to get to you.

Do either of them have pet peeves about each other?
James' constant innuendo and libido can get tiring if Angie would just like to veg on the couch tonight. She recognizes that he uses sex to communicate most of his feelings, and has tried to encourage him to use words instead, but that ain't really happening.

Bond would sometimes like Angie to use fewer words to communicate her feelings, and generally close her mouth so he can kiss it instead. Her sense of the dramatic can be a bit overwhelming at times, as well, especially if she is experiencing a negative emotion.

Peggy: You are dating an Italian actress, Mr. Bond, what were you expecting?
James: The stiletto thrown at my head was a surprise.
Peggy: Shoe or knife?
James: Shoe.
Peggy: Did you deserve it?
James: I probably deserved the knife.
Peggy: Then it's your own fault.
James: Yes, Angie and I did settle on that as the solution to the problem.

How would each reconcile with each other after a fight?

It's easiest for James to take the blame. He's not there long or often enough to spend time trying to defend himself. Angie is right, whether she's right or not. He admits fault, apologizes, and once she's cooled off, he distracts her with something more fun than yelling at him.

What would be their ideal vacation getaway together?

Ideally, Angie would love to go to someplace exotic with him, because he tells her about the travelling he's done, if not what he was doing while he was there. She'd love to go to Paris, or Venice, or Madrid, or even just somewhere other than New York.

Realistically, it's kind of dangerous to go anywhere with him, and there's the issue of them not being married, and having to pretend if they went to a hotel together (which Angie thinks would be fun!), but James sometimes takes her out on a yacht for a few days at a time, which is romantic and nice, even if it isn't Rome.
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