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Shippy Meme: James and Angie Edition

Ship Meme for Angie and Bond, because they are my new OTP, apparently. Crossover memes are nothing but trouble. Fun trouble, though!

big spoon/little spoon: James is big spoon. Not something he has done much of in his life, but Angie put herself in little spoon position the first time they shared a bed and James ended up instinctively wrapping around her. James always sleeps closest to the door, even if he has to wrestle Angie over to the other side of the bed to be there.

favorite non-sexual activity: Cooking. Due to James' odd hours of coming and going, often it's the middle of the night and he's hungry and they make something weird from what's around. Neither of them are very good cooks, but that's part of the fun, and there's lots of time for caressing and kissing and flirting while they're moving around the kitchen. Sometimes the food doesn't get eaten until much later.

what has a season pass on their dvr/who controls the netflix queue: Neither exist. Angie loves going to the pictures or a play, but James finds being out in public risky sometimes, and can't get settled because he's looking around, watching everyone else. They often just prefer to put on the radio or a record if they want some cuddle time.

who uses all the hot water: James. All of it. It's lucky Howard Stark is footing the water bill. Peggy does not appreciate the days when Mr Bond has been staying over, because her showers are always cold.

most trivial thing they fight over: How often a person should be naked. James' opinion on the subject is that Angie should be naked as much as possible. Angie thinks he should get used to the sight of her nightie.

James: One of us is very overdressed.
Angie: Maybe you should take your drawers off, then.
James: I'm willing to oblige, but I expect quid pro quo.
Angie: I'll take my slippers off.
James: You are a cruel woman.
Angie: That's why you like me!

who cooks normally?: Angie, just because she's a bit better at it. James chops, though, and gathers, and makes tea and eggs. He'll do stuff if he's directed.

who kissed who first?: Angie kissed James, who was surprisingly not expecting it. He remedied this by kissing her second. Angie admits his kiss was better than hers.

who does most of the cleaning: James doesn't live with Angie, so Angie does the cleaning. He does clear out without nary a trace, though, and usually leaves the dishes drying in the rack.

who calls up the super/landlord when the heat’s not working: Once again, Angie does that. She calls Jarvis, who apologizes profusely for something not at all his fault, and has someone over right away. However, if something is broken and James can fix it, he might give it a go while he's there.

who remembers anniversaries: Angie. James has no clue, and since their relationship is serious by James standards, but not by any other standards, he doesn't consider them to have anniversaries.

Angie: But today is a year since that guy tried to stab you and I poured coffee on him! I can't believe you didn't remember that.
James: You're right, I should have picked up flowers for our One Year Assassin Attack anniversary on the way over here, I'm terribly sorry.
Angie: Don't be sarcastic, I'm really upset.
James: If it makes any difference, I do vividly remember your pouring the coffee. Your using the urn as a weapon was very alluring.
Angie: That does make me feel sort of better.

How often do they fight?: They're not together enough to really have a chance to have big fights (there are other things on their minds), but little fights happen here and there. Mostly in regards to their definitions of the relationship they're in and how it works, which is an ongoing, shifting thing.

They've only had one, horrendous, screaming fight, which was in regards to James' very open flirting with a woman while Angie was with him. Angie has little issues with what James does when he isn't with her, but she expects his full attention when they're together. James insisted it was work-related, but Angie still did not appreciate it, and there may have been some things thrown at him. They didn't talk for two months, until Peggy made a few vague hints to James that Angie missed seeing him, and he gathered up his pride and got some flowers and popped by around. He was forgiven.

What do they do when they’re away from each other?: Have lives. James runs SSR (and later, S.H.I.E.L.D) missions, and MI6 missions in his capacity as liaison. Angie works at the Automat, and tries to be an actress. They live on more stolen moments than anything else, and they both like it that way. It keeps things fresh and exciting, and doesn't put a burden on either of them.

Nicknames for each other?: Sugar, which was one of those things that happens from a single joke that makes no sense out of context, and is hard to explain to people. Angie also calls him Sailor, English, and Mister. James will call her love and sweetheart. Somewhat sarcastically, Angie feels, but she thinks that might just be how his voice sounds. He sometimes calls her Kitten, and she likes that more than the others.

Who is more likely to pay for dinner?: James, because he's a gentleman. Well, not really, but because that's what happened in those days.

Who steals the covers at night?: Angie. James doesn't care. Her bed is nicer than a lot of the places he sleeps, even without a blanket over him.

What would they get each other for gifts?: James does all the tropes. Chocolates, flowers, perfume, jewellery. He usually has something in hand when he comes by. Angie likes all the tropes, so that's fine by her. She doesn't do as much in return, because it's hard to plan for when he might be there. She gets the impression that, for him, having hot food and a nice bed and a place where he knows he can be safe and relax is kind of a gift, so she tries to make sure he's comfortable, and plays housewife a little when he's there. She'll sometimes give him a tie or something, though, just so he knows she's thinking of him.

Who swears more?: Honestly, it's about equal, though Angie is scandalized that James would suggest she swears at all. She's a lady, Mr Bond.

James: And last night, when my tongue was--

What would they do if the other one was hurt?: Angie would revel in the nursing care. Seriously, you just stay in bed, I'll make you breakfast! Do you want a massage? Let me change your bandages! James would leave in the best shape of his life.

If Angie was hurt, James would destroy everything within twenty feet of the culprit (Peggy probably playing wingman). And bring her flowers.

Who started the relationship?: James was very active in his pursuit of Angie, but was gently turned down for his one night stand implications the first time they met. Angie wanted to be wooed a little more than he had time to woo. It took a couple more visits before he found the time. He is the first to admit he did it out of a sense of a challenge (let's face, it's not every day he meets a woman who he can't charm into bed right away) but he soon discovered she was actually quite intriguing a creature, and lots of fun to be around. Angie let herself be wooed, because she liked the attention. James Bond can woo the hell out of a girl when he's trying, and he tries extra hard for her because she's not as impressed as she should be.

Toughest decision they've made?: Honestly, the toughest decision they've ever had to make was whether to go see the new play at the Roundabout, or just stay in. Their relationship is not a complicated one.

Individually, James is constantly making the decision of whether he should be seeing her, as he does worry about putting her in danger. He gets very noble about it sometimes, and then something happens to remind him that Peggy won't let anything happen to Angie, Angie won't let anything happen to Angie, and if anyone tries to make anything happen to Angie, the full weight of MI6 and S.H.I.E.L.D will be brought down in a heartbeat. Peggy snaps something about him not sabotaging his own happiness out of a sense of being a white knight, 007, for God's sake. Then he's fine for a while, before he starts to get noble again.

For Angie, the toughest decision she's made is what to tell her mother when she asks if she's seeing any nice boys.

Angie: Well...I do sort of like this one guy.
Mrs. Martinelli: What does he do for a living? Can he support you?
Angie: He''s a sort of...He's a sailor! He's in the navy.
Mrs. Martinelli: You have to be careful, Angie, sailors can be very charming.
Angie: You have no idea.
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