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Wedding Meme: Captain Princess Edition

Stolen once again from the lovely joonscribble. This meme is lovely; I get to put all my headcanon to good use.

Who proposed?
Martin. Sort of.

How did they propose?

Once he decided he might like to actually maybe want, no definitely wanted, to marry Theresa, he went to ask permission from her mother. Who responded in a long string of German that Martin didn't fully understand but knew meant 'fuck, no'. However, Maxie overruled that objection, and threatened to invade Luxembourg if she didn't say yes, and called for a royal decree to be issued, and the Dowager Queen gave in and agreed.

Martin then found out when OJSAir might be in Zurich, and casually popped by the hangar to see if Douglas maybe wanted to go out for a coffee while he was there.

Douglas: I don't see why not.
Martin: And maybe after that...wecouldgotoVaduzandbuyanegagementring?
Douglas: I think marriage might be a bit soon after coffee. I don't usually get engaged until the second or third date.
Martin: An engagement ring for Theresa. I'm going to propose, I think. And I thought, since you've proposed quite a lot and they've all said yes, you might be able to help me? I mean, how do you propose marriage to a princess of a small European principality?
Douglas: Hold on, I'm sure I brought my book on that., damn, it's Divorcing East Asian Dictators that I brought.
Martin: Douglas! But, seriously, you must be really good at proposing.
Douglas: Oh, I am amazing at proposing.
Martin: So, you'll help?
Douglas: Oh, why not?

So they went to the Royal Jeweller in Vaduz, as tradition required, and Douglas had the surreal experience of realizing Martin had become something of a beloved figure in Liechtenstein due to his haplessness and obvious admiration of their Princess being very endearing. And the royal jeweller had served Theresa long enough to know her tastes, and was able to work in the range of money Martin had available to him (he'd been saving part of his salary for several months and the royal jeweller insisted on making the ring for costs only), and they designed something Theresa-like.

After he had the ring, Martin took her to England on the pretense of a visit to his mum for her birthday, and while he was there he took her to Duxford, since that was where they had their first date. And he had very clearly planned in his head what he was going to say, but what ended up happening was he presented the ring and shoved it at her with a hopeful look on his face and didn't say anything.

Theresa: Oh, Martin! How lovely! You want to marry me?
Martin: *frantic nod*
Theresa: I would love to marry you!
Martin: Oh, thank God.

Who stressed more over wedding planning?

Martin. Despite the fact he literally didn't have to do anything, Theresa had it entirely under control and there were so many traditions involved that there wasn't a lot of big decisions to be made about things.

Theresa: Really, Martin, after the swordfight is over, all you have to do is show up and say I do.
Martin: The what? Did you say swordfight?!
Theresa: Yes, you must of course swordfight the head of the royal guards for the right to marry me. It is traditional in Liechtenstein since Prince Leopold rescued Princess Ermingilde from her captors in 1648.
Martin: But I don't even know how to--wait, Liechtenstein wasn't officially a country until 1719.
Theresa: Blast, I was hoping to keep you going on that for a little longer.
Martin: That is not funny, Theresa.
Theresa: Yes, it is! But you get a kiss for your history knowledge, well done you! *clappy hands*

An actual tradition was two ceremonies, a private civil one, and then a larger, full Catholic one for the public. Which Martin actually was fine with, because in private if he messed up no one would know except a few people, and then in public, if he messed up, he'd already be legally wed so nothing would be voided.

Theresa wore a simple suit for the civil ceremony, and Martin wore his Captain's uniform (with his medals, having received three from Maxie on that day alone). Then, for the public ceremony, Martin got decked out in full morning suit, and Theresa wore the expected princessy dress.

Who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party?

Theresa, who had five sisters all there to make sure she got very drunk and did inappropriate things and woke up three countries over wearing a tiara and a pair of bunny pyjamas.

Since Douglas doesn't drink, Martin's bachelor party was very tame, and Douglas basically arranged for Martin to get the chance to fly a really, really, really nice plane for a few hours (Martin was elated). Arthur made Martin a cake, which sort of looked like an aeroplane, but mostly looked like a rugby ball. No one was brave enough to eat it, except Arthur. Who survived, but at this point, everyone has just assumed Arthur has some sort of demigod watching over him who gets entertainment out of him and lets him go on not dying so he can keep being amused by his antics.

That's the sort of philosophical debates one gets in at 4AM during a dry bachelor party.

Martin: Does that mean Arthur's immortal?
Douglas: That is a scary thought, Martin.
Martin: I kind of hope he is.
Douglas: Yes, me too, oddly.

Who freaked out before the wedding?

Martin, because he's Martin. Not as much as you might think, and only over the public wedding. He was pretty much fine for the civil one, and only dropped the ring once.

Best man/maid of honor

Douglas was Martin's Best Man, and took the duty with the seriousness it warranted. Which mostly involved being very efficient, vaguely conniving, and ultimately being very supportive on the wedding days, while at the same time teasing Martin mercilessly.

Theresa chose her sister Amalia as her Maid of Honour. She claimed she put her sisters' names in a hat and drew Amalia out, but in truth, Amalia was the only sister who was very supportive of Theresa's relationship with Martin right from the start, so Theresa wanted her there with her.

Arthur really, really wanted to be the ring bearer, but was content to be named 'Head Person in Charge of Sitting in This Pew with Mum and Herc'. He did that really well; everyone agreed he was brilliant at it.

If/what they wrote in their vows?

They stuck to traditional German wedding vows. Martin managed to get through the civil ones well enough (though, because the words are so similar in German, he did say he was taking Theresa as his husband, instead of his wife). During the public ceremony, he was concentrating so hard on not making that same mistake that he forgot her middles names and had to be prompted for them, but the public found that very adorable, so it was okay.

And Theresa snuck in a 'Captain' in the middle of her vows, just to cheer him and relax him.

Who cried at the wedding?

Wendy Crieff started crying before the ceremony and didn't stop until after the reception was over, basically. The Dowager Queen also cried, but Martin suspects not out of happiness.

And Carolyn, whatever any one says, did not cry.

Herc: I think I saw a tear there.
Carolyn: It was a trick of the light.
Herc: No, I swear you were expressing some sort of emotion.
Carolyn: I was not.
Herc: I won't tell anyone.
Carolyn: As you shouldn't, because it would be a lie.

Which song did they have their first dance to?

'Fly me to the Moon' by Frank Sinatra. Theresa's choice, honestly. Martin thought it was cliche. Theresa liked that it was cliche.

Where did they go on their honeymoon?

OJS flew them to a very nice private island that the King of Sweden offered as a present, and picked them up again at the end of the week. Douglas noted Martin did not seem very tan for a week in the sun. Martin claimed he used a lot of sunscreen. Douglas suggested it might be more that Martin didn't leave his bedroom very much.

Arthur: Oh, I wouldn't either, Skip! The bed looked really comfortable. I bet you could make a really nice fort with all those pillows.
Martin: Yes, Arthur. We made a very nice fort and stayed there all week.
Arthur: Brilliant. I wish I was there.
Martin: I am so glad you weren't.
Arthur: It's nice that you're married, now though. I'm really happy.
Martin: Me, too.
Arthur: And now you can have babies.
Martin: Oh, dear God.
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