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Daemon Dump

A rather large daemon dump, collected from past memes, with a couple of random ones I did for my own amusement.

Harry Dresden
Animal: Newfoundland
Name: Taika (Finnish, meaning 'magic spell')
Nickname: Tyke, sometimes. Mostly by Murphy's daemon.
Major Personality Traits Taika is a big, clumsy, gentle daemon, with a enjoyment of being at home and sitting still and not getting involved in any danger. Which never happens, and she will not hesitate to tell Harry exactly why that is not how he should be living his life. She likes to be helpful, and she likes a good cuddle. She can have a temper, and she sometimes doesn't like that about herself, but mostly she tries to keep Harry from doing something stupid, while at the same time doing that stupid thing right along with him.
How he/she sleeps: Unless Harry has a bedmate, Taika takes up what part of the bed that he doesn't. Which is most of it, because he's a beanpole, so she can spread right out and snuggle into the comforter. If Harry does have a bed partner, she has to settle for the floor, but she gets to cuddle with that partner's daemon, so it's not all bad.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Kind of a galumphing walk by Harry's side, or at a run if he's being heroic.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: The moment Harry stops moving, Taika basically flops down on her belly and stays there. She likes to read books, and she likes to chat to Arsinoë, Bob's daemon. She'll keep an eye on Harry's potion making as well, and bring him ingredients for it.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Taika always liked to be a dog of different sorts. Uncle Justin didn't really approve of that because it wasn't elegant, but Taika never had much use for being elegant. She liked to be a sheepdog the best, and a golden retriever.
What his/her voice sounds like: Taika sounds like she's smiling, mostly because she often has a big grin on her face. Her voice is easy-going and a bit gruff, but friendly.

James Bond
Animal: A bobcat
Name: Einara (meaning 'lone soldier')
Nickname: Nara. Bond rarely calls her anything else, everyone else rarely calls her anything but Einara. Or her codename, which is 0G (pronounced, 'zero-gee', NOT, as certain Quartermaster's daemons likes to say it, 'Ogg').
Major Personality Traits: Nara is most anything you want her to be, when you want her to be it. She can be charming, she's most definitely aloof, and she can be ruthless and unfeeling if required. Her main goal is keeping Bond on track, and she does it relatively well. However, she does have an annoying sentimental streak about certain things (particularly women) that sometimes puts her and Bond in situations they should have avoided. Bond will claim it's her fault, but she knows bloody well he feels the same about it as her.
How he/she sleeps: Draped over Bond's stomach, her face toward the most likely source of attack. If Bond has a partner in the bed (and when doesn't he?), depending on what kind of partner it is, she might do a bit of snuggling. However, for casual, one night stands, she lies near, protecting but not cuddling.
How he/she travels with his/her human: It depends on how Bond is moving, but generally she walks lightly on the pads of her feet, with her head moving around, looking at things, and her tail swishing about. She often comes to a pouncing stop, doing a little leap into a resting state. If Bond is on the chase, she swerves around him, in a zig-zag pattern, expertly weaving through his legs and sometimes jumps up onto railings or along walls to scout ahead.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: When Bond is truly at rest, it's usually just to sleep, so Nara is asleep. Otherwise, she's probably flirting with or caressing one of Bond's bed partners' daemons, or looking at data on a computer. Or annoying Q's daemon in Q-branch, because that's fun.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Nara settled the same day as Bond's parents died, which meant she settled rather early. Before then, she sometimes enjoyed being a Scottish deerhound to chase Kincade's daemon around Skyfall, and she liked to be big swooping birds to look over the world.
What his/her voice sounds like: A sultry hiss-purr, at a low-level, so you have to lean in to hear. So very sarcastic that it's hard to tell when she's actually sarcastic because she always sounds sarcastic.

Animal: Orchid Mantis
Name: Kresimr (Slavic, meaning 'to spark peace'), most people do not know this name and he's generally referred to as 'M's daemon' by MI-6, or by the security call-sign assigned to him, which is 'Pater'.
Nickname: Kres
Major Personality Traits: Kres is rather a stubborn daemon, and he and M are often at odds with each other about what needs to be done in certain situations. He prefers whatever methods invoke the least amount of damage, M is more aware that sometimes you have to do what is necessary. He has a regal bearing, and a stern countenance, but ultimately has a good sense of humour, and cares very deeply. He tends to be very wry, and only those who know him well know when he's being sarcastic and when he's being serious.
How he/she sleeps: Because he's a bit small and fragile, Kres sleeps on the bedside table, for fear of being squashed if he's in the bed. When M is having trouble falling asleep, she rests her hand on the table, and he tickles her fingers with his antennae. When M's husband was alive, he would sleep on top of his daemon, on the floor next to the bed.
How he/she travels with his/her human: When roaming around MI-6 or M's home, he generally clings to a brooch or other piece of jewellery M is sporting, or sits in a pocket. In pubic, MI-6 is very worried about him being hurt, so he has to reside in a sort of bulletproof box that hangs around M's neck. He calls it his 'safety coffin'.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Most people who visit M in her office will find Kres sitting on her desk, staring at him, his antennae twitching and his head cocked to the side. Most people will report that they find this unsettling. At home, Kres tends to sit on the back of her hand, on a ring, often her wedding rings.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Kres's favourite form was a jewelled beetle when he was a child, but he often turned into a sandcat when M was playing, and an owl when she was feeling curious.
What his/her voice sounds like: A gentle, regal, gravelly purr. Jeremy Irons-like.

Sarah Sawyer
Animal: Canada Goose
Name: Sana (meaning 'heal')
Nickname: San
Major Personality Traits: San is a bold, stalwart kind of daemon, with a soft, silly, cuddly side. He prefers to be at home with his family, but if he needs to protect that family, he goes in head first.
How he/she sleeps: If he and Sarah are alone in the bed, he sleeps up against her stomach, with his head turned over his back. If John and Subira are there, San sleeps at the foot of the bed with Subira. Subira mimics John's death-grip on Sarah by curling up around San's neck. He puts his head over her back.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Generally San waddles along with Sarah, but if she's on the run to chase Abby or handle an emergency, he'll fly around to keep up.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: At work, Sana has a tendency to get up and take a few laps around Sarah's desk when he starts to get bored of paperwork. Otherwise, he sort of sits near the door to keep an eye on the office. At home, he nestles in with Abby's daemon and/or Subira, usually on the floor at Sarah's feet.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: He went through a bat phase as a kid, but he also liked to be a bear cub, and experimented with being a tiger a few times, too.
What his/her voice sounds like: Wry, like he's amused a lot of the time. Soft-spoken, and playful, with a pleasant tenor quality. Has a tendency to sound a bit less refined than Sarah, accent-wise.

Abby Watson

Animal: Unsettled
Name: Kivanc (meaning 'pride/joy')
Nickname: Kiv, Kiwi (what Abby called him when she was learning to talk)
Major Personality Traits: Kiv is a young adventurer, who likes to learn about things and climb things and ask questions about things. He's a happy little guy, prone to giggling and loves to cuddle (much to Tzophiya's dismay). He's a touch shy around strangers, and can get fussy when he or Abby have made a mistake.
How he/she sleeps: He usually takes a cuddly puppy form at bedtime, and tucks himself under Abby's arm, squeezed between her chest and Mr Owl.
How he/she travels with his/her human: It depends on what form he's in at the time, but he's often in a pocket of Abby's clothing, or on her shoulder.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Kiv likes to be right up in what Abby is doing, so he's usually near her face, looking at her activity, or down around her hands to observe and help out.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: So far, Kiv is still at the stage of development where he tends to take on forms of daemons he sees around him. He also tries to be like daemons that are good at the activity Abby is doing, so he's often a Go-Away bird if it's Science Time, and a gosling or baby mongoose if Dr Watson has her practice open. He quite likes being a frog, too.
What his/her voice sounds like: High and squeaky at the moment, and he hasn't quite got the hand of his 'R's' yet.

Benton Fraser
Animal: Beaver
Name: Tannarak (Inuit word meaning 'grandaughter of the tundra')
Nickname: Tan
Major Personality Traits: Tan is a forthright daemon, with a great sense of justice, and is quick to give an opinion when something happens that she feels to be 'wrong'. She's very nervous of the city, and wishes even more than Fraser that they could go home, though she does dearly love the friends Fraser has made. She and Dief are super best buddies, and Fraser often has to correct which one is the daemon and which the pet (Americans seem surprisingly willing to assume that a Canadian might have a pet beaver). She can be a bit stuffy, and often misses the point, but is very kind-hearted, and will always do her best to help out.
How he/she sleeps: Tan usually lies parallel to Fraser, with her paws pillowed under her head. Sometimes she puts her tail under Fraser's arm if it's cold.
How he/she travels with his/her human: If Fraser is just walking around, she's content to waddle, but since he often is running and jumping off of things, he's very good about sticking her under his arm so she can keep up.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Fraser is not very often at rest, but when he does decide to sit down, she usually sits on his feet. She has a bad habit of chewing or licking things not appropriate to chew or lick.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Tan was most often a fisher when she was little, but she also liked to be a seal, or a caribou. She's slightly disappointed she didn't end up being something a little more fierce.
What his/her voice sounds like: Tan has very proper diction, though her Canadian accent is a bit stronger than Fraser's. Her voice is quite deep, and she's very deadpan, though it's hard to tell if she's serious or just pretending to be.

Ray Kowalski
Animal: Fennec fox
Name: Dilara (Turkish, meaning 'lover')
Nickname: Dil, Dilly when she was younger, but she decided Dil was cooler when she grew up. Ray still calls her Dilly sometimes.
Major Personality Traits Dil is a mildly hyper daemon, borne out of nervousness more than energy. She speaks quickly, and not always accurately, and moves in quick, short bursts. She's rather cuddly, and playful (she likes to run around Tannarak and see if she can finally get her to snap), but she has a very strong sense of when the time to act is, and will usually be the one running ahead, dragging Ray into action behind her. Because of this, she's sometimes considered 'brave', but she doesn't really think of herself like that. She's quite sensitive at heart, and would be very happy to be at home with someone she loves than out partying. Despite Ray's sarcastic demeanour, Dil speaks more genuinely and without as much bluster. Though she is quick to point out when he's done something stupid.
How he/she sleeps: Dil sleeps curled up next to Ray, in the crook of his arm, with her tail over her nose. When she still lived with Stella, she put her tail over Stella's daemon's nose, which wasn't always appreciated.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Dil takes about three steps for every one of Ray's, circling around him and between his legs, on the lookout for...clues, and danger, and...stuff.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Dil is usually on Ray's desk, listening to Fraser with a look of confusion on her face. She sits pressed up to his thigh on the couch at home, with her chin over his knee.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Dil loved to change forms when she was little, and didn't spend a whole lot of time in one form over another. She liked trying out different forms, more than she liked being that form. Rabbits, lionesses, and manakin birds were the ones she returned to most often. Manakin bird usually at dance class.
What his/her voice sounds like: Somewhat high, fast-paced, with a tendency to trip over words or confuse them. Ray usually knows what she's means, so she's never really learned to take her time to articulate properly.
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