The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Home Again, Home Again!

Hello, world! I am back at my home, with my bed and my bathtub. But I had a truly lovely week at the cottage, probably one of the nicest we've ever had, weather-wise. Not too hot, not too cold. Just right.

I did a bit of writing, but not as much as I normally get done. I did more sleeping and jigsaw puzzling. Although Unnecessary Crossover #438 is finishedish, and should be some point.

We also didn't get as many animal visits this year. Just the heron on our first night, and the annual Parade of Proud Goose Mama and her Babies, which I missed because I was in the shower. We did, however, have a very happy Scottish Terrier who did not want to come home.

She's now four-paws up on the couch, so I guess she's going with the flow.

This year's puzzle (started Tuesday morning, finished Wednesday night because it was so much fun):

Hope everyone had a lovely week!
Tags: misc./non-fic, rantage and randomosity, some days are happy days

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