The Writer They Call Tay (awanderingbard) wrote,
The Writer They Call Tay

Mid-Year Fic Round-Up

Happy Canada Day! Bonne fete, Canada!

Time for the half-year fic round-up.

Crossed Wires (MCU {Iron Man/Agent Carter}, daemons, PG-13) [13,869 words]
A Delicate Operation (MCU {Iron Man/Agent Carter}, PG) [5,847 words]

One Step Back (MCU {Avengers}, daemons, R] [6,642 words]
Visit (Lestrade) (Sherlock, daemons, R) [3,879 words]
Adjustment Period (MCU {Agent Carter/Iron Man}, PG-13) [7,147 words]

Sincerity and Strawberries (MCU {Agent Carter/Iron Man}, PG-13) [8,369 words]
Memory Lapse (MCU {Agent Carter/Iron Man}, PG) [6,181 words]
Good To Be Back (Sherlock, daemons, meme response, G) [408 words]
Identity Crisis (Sherlock, daemons, meme response, G) [368 words]
Care and Maintenance (Sherlock, meme response, G) [587 words]

'Cellar Accounts Trilogy' (Agent Carter, PG-13):
A Nice Chat [8,512 words]
A Little Help [6,393 words]
A Good Thing [6,874 words]
Visit (Mrs Hudson) (Sherlock, daemons, PG) [3,255 words]
Silver Screen (MCU {Avengers}, PG) [3,971 words]
Setting a Precedent (Sherlock, Abby 'verse, G) [3,012 words]
Sick Leave (MCU [Iron Man], PG) [8,444 words]
Reunion (MCU {Captain America}, PG) [6,429 words]

Like Father, Like Son (MCU [Iron Man/Agent Carter], PG-13) [6,421 words)
The Virtues of Being Useful (MCU {Agent Carter}, 4 parts, PG) [19,805 words]
A Study in Prying (Sherlock/Skyfall, Trio 'verse, PG) [2,418 words]

Paris in Spring (MCU {Agent Carter/Iron Man}, 7 parts, PG-13) (23,151 words)

Total Word Count: 151,982
# of stories: 22
Average Word Count: 6,908
Fandoms: Sherlock, Agent Carter, Iron Man, Captain America, The Avengers, Skyfall

So...yeah. I've written 10,000 more words this past six months than I did in the whole of last year. Curse you, MCU!

On the bright side, I managed to write two stories around the 20K mark and neither of them were AUs, so there's an accomplishment.
Tags: fic roundup

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