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Trio Verse Daemons

I did the daemon meme for the Trio 'Verse Holmes family. I don't have an excuse. I just like details.

If you need any reminders of what these guys look like, everyone is up somewhere on here.

Sherlock Holmes
Animal: A Grey Lourie (African Go-Away Bird)
Name: Tzophiya
Nickname: Tzo (used by almost everyone except Sherlock and the Holmes family, oddly). Mostly in reference to her, and not to her directly, though she'll tolerate it from Subira and Duinn.
Major Personality Traits: Tzophiya is a snotty, manic, nosy bird, who generally dislikes everything. Or she'd like you to think that, anyway. She is, perhaps, a little more friendly than Sherlock, and has a slightly better sense of right and wrong than him. She usually knows when something isn't quite right, but isn't ever really sure why, and if she can't give a good reason, Sherlock ignores her.
How he/she sleeps: Rarely. Tzophiya hates sleep even more than Sherlock does, and always manages to stay awake about a microsecond longer than him. When she does sleep, she's often so tired that she collapses on the bed, with her wings splayed out as though she's flown into a window.
How he/she travels with his/her human: If she's not on his shoulder or head, she's swooping around him, taking in the sights as he moves. She can often be seen facing backwards to get a better look at something he's passed by.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Sherlock isn't often at rest. Even when he's sitting still he tends to be doing something. Tzophiya will hop around the lab or kitchen table to bring him what he needs for experiments, or be looking over clues and evidence while he works. Sometimes around the flat, she'll come into the living room and stare at John and Subira while they're watching telly or blogging. They've learned to ignore her. If Sherlock's bored, Tzophiya can usually be found in the window at Baker Street, looking for people arriving with cases. If he's playing music, she sits on the music stand and sways and tweets along. When Sherlock was high, Tzophiya had a tendency to fly around manically and steal/collect objects. When they were sober, neither of them could remember where the objects came from or why Tzophiya wanted them.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Tzophiya was whatever was useful at the time. She liked to be little beetles that could fit into small places and listen in on conversations. She liked to be a cat to bother Hisoka. She went through a very heavy parrot phase when she was very little. Sherlock was a little angry with her when she settled, because he didn't think she'd be helpful to him, but she quickly proved the ability to sit up high and look down was an asset, so he forgave her.
What his/her voice sounds like: A rather deep, bored monotone which always sounds as though she's finding you very tedious.

Mycroft Holmes
Animal: A Pallas' cat
Name: Hisoka
Nickname: Soka (used sometimes by John and Subira, and, very rarely, by Sherlock and Tzophiya. Otherwise, Hisoka is quite fine, thank you. No need to shorten it)
Major Personality Traits: Hisoka is rather mysterious and secretive, and she likes it that way. She and Mycroft don't have terribly long conversations with each other, and tend to rely more on body language than words. She is happiest sitting still and watching things being done, hates having to move at any great speed, and is rather grumpy. However, when it comes to taking care of Mycroft's brothers she will often be surprisingly quick, vocal, and ever so slightly warm.
How he/she sleeps: She has a rather lovely pillow with a silk pillowcase that she lies on at the foot of Mycroft's bed.
How he/she travels with his/her human: She moves at a slow slink by Mycroft's side, with her eyes moving all the time and a look of disdain on her face.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Hisoka often keeps an eye on other goings on while Mycroft is working. She doesn't often sit touching him, but she will drape around his shoulders on occasion. She mostly places herself where she has the best advantage to rule over her domain.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Hisoka settled quite early, but she did have an enjoyment of snakes and geckos as a child.
What his/her voice sounds like: Everything she says is a wry purr, even if she is being sincere or caring. When she's angry, it turns into a hiss. If she's hissing, run.

Trevelyan Holmes (Q)
Animal: a degu
Name: Efimia
Nickname: Efi (only used by Q and Mummy and Apellon). Herself (used by Q-branch minions, because her real name isn't known. Not used to her face, but she is quite aware that's what they call her).
Major Personality Traits: Efi is an intensely curious, somewhat standoffish daemon, with a hint of cuddliness to her. She can be very sweet, and she can also be cutting and intense. She tends to reflect the speed at which Q's mind is going, if not his body, which can make her appear a bit twitchy and hyper. At work, she is commanding and scathing, but around people she trusts and likes, she tends to adopt a youngest child, cuddly and sweet persona.
How he/she sleeps: Q often falls asleep with a device by him. Efi often ends up sleeping on that device. It's nice and warm and she has easy access if she and Q want to do something in the night. On the rare occasion Q has a bed mate, if the other daemon wants to cuddle, that's all right, but Efi isn't one to initiate it, and will slip under Q's pillow. If Q is having a migraine, Efi drapes herself over his forehead, and pats it in her sleep.
How he/she travels with his/her human: In Q's pocket, mostly. She rides on his shoulder around Q-branch, unless Q is in a bad mood, in which case she puts herself in his pocket without being visible, and all the minions know not to press their luck until she appears again.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Efi often 'types' the air in unison with Q, and sometimes handles the number pad for him to speed things up. Q likes to sit still, but Efi is usually on the move, even if he isn't, and running around to touch and look at things. If he's playing piano, she sits on the piano and twitches her tail to the beat.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Efi always liked to be small things, and tended to favour cuddly forms like rabbits or mice. She was parrot for playing pirates with Sherlock and Tzophiya, and she liked to be a monkey for Q's piano lessons.
What his/her voice sounds like: Whispered, high-pitched and rather musical sounding.

Siger Holmes
Animal: a hill myna
Name: Hermia
Nickname: None. Well, Siger's mum's daemon calls her 'Hermy', but Siger's mum daemon's is an idiot, so obviously that doesn't count.
Major Personality Traits: Hermia is interested in two things: ciphers and Siger's wife and children. Anything else (except maybe Current Events Related to Work, Philsophy, or the Age of Sail) is very much irrelevant, and she's unlikely to bother to pay attention to anyone talking about it. Siger can do that; she doesn't see the point. She's very focused, and not terribly sociable with anyone but her family, but will, without hesitation, fuck your shit up if you're messing with that family, quickly and without mercy. She enjoys being challenged mentally, and she enjoys watching Siger's children become little people and their daemons learn to daemon, but otherwise, she's happiest just breaking codes.
How he/she sleeps: Since Siger suffers from such intense insomnia, Hermia does not sleep very often. In fact, by the time Siger is ready to literally collapse, she has been trying to get him into bed for about three or four hours, until they are fighting with each other about it. When she does sleep, she sits on the back of Siger's neck, out of a sense of forcing him to stay still. Unless he's having a migraine, in which case she usually lies prone and very, very still. If Apellon is there, she sometimes tries to be affectionate, but often ends up smothering him under her wing, so she's not very much of a snuggler.
How he/she travels with his/her human: On his shoulder, usually looking down at what he's carrying. She doesn't actually do much flying, for a bird. She uses her wings only to get from somewhere low to somewhere high or vice versa.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Hermia often does her very best to keep an eye on outside forces, but usually ends up being sucked into whatever Siger is working on. This makes her a truly terribly baby-sitter.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Hermia always fancied being a komodo dragon. Siger sometimes liked the idea of being a sailor, so Hermia liked to be a seagull, too.
What his/her voice sounds like: Hermia always sounds as though she's very amused about something only she knows about.

Metradora Holmes
Animal: strawberry poison dart frog (blue jeans variation)
Name: Apellon
Nickname: Pellou (used only by Dora's family)
Major Personality Traits: Apellon is an energetic, quick-witted, free-spirited sort of daemon, with a touch of the adventurer and bohemian about him. He's very loving, but knows when to back off to avoid smothering, and is just as happy on his own as he is in the company of those he cares about. He's very secure in his abilities and self, sometimes to the point of vanity, and sometimes needs a gentle hand to keep him from getting in over his head or going off on an ill-advised adventure.
How he/she sleeps: He has a little, itty cushion that Dora's mother sewed for him, and Dora puts it on the nightstand. If Hermia is in bed, Apellon will sometimes sneakily hop over there and settle in her feathers.
How he/she travels with his/her human: Somewhere on Dora's body. Sometimes on her head, sometimes like a brooch on her clothing. Sometimes on her foot.
What he/she does when his/her human is at rest: Dora often has several things on the go at once, so Apellon tends to hop around between the tasks and keep an eye on them, something he also uses to look after the children. He likes to sit on Dora's sketchbook or canvas, and on her music stand if she's playing music. On her travelling adventures, he loves to look out the window of whatever vehicle he's riding in.
Favourite forms before he/she settled: Apellon loved to be giraffe. Always outside, as per the rules of the household, but he loved being able to look over everything and have long legs to move around. He's grateful he didn't settled that way, though. Except being at the complete opposite end of the size scale is occasionally rather tedious.
What his/her voice sounds like: A pleasant mix of RP, with a touch of French and very cultured and refined. Can be utterly commanding when required.
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