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I was traipsing through my story folders and found a version of this meme that I did ages back and never posted. Even though that version included the delightful image of Alec Thornton and James Bond doing karaoke together, I decided to do it again with the usual suspects.

Choose Ten characters...
1. Peggy Carter (MCU)
2. Merlin (Merlin)
3. Q [Trevelyan Holmes] (Skyfall/Sherlock)
4. Howard Stark (MCU)
5. Harry Dresden (Dresden Files TV)
6. Edwin Jarvis (MCU)
7. Martin Crieff (Cabin Pressure)
8. Sarah Sawyer (Sherlock)
9. Pepper Potts (MCU)
10. Alec Thornton (Sherlock)

Answer these questions...

1.) [3] (Q) is in need of advice from [5] (Harry), what is it?

Probably something to do with a magical being that MI-6 is dealing with. Q is aware that the part where the wizard is killing people and stealing their souls is bad, but he's more concerned about how the wizard keeps shorting out his laptops. Three, Dresden! Three in one day!

2.) [1] (Peggy), [2] (Merlin), and [6] (Jarvis) all have a crush on [4] (Howard).

Peggy and Jarvis are basically screaming wailing objections about this in my ear. I'd like to think most people have a slight crush on Howard Stark, either romantic or platonic. Merlin is probably impressed with all the cool stuff Howard owns, which Merlin has never seen before but he must be a pretty powerful wizard to make it all work. Peggy probably had about five minutes when she first met Howard when she thought 'that is a very handsome and charming man' before she actually got to know him and realized he was an awful human being. Jarvis is the least likely to have any sort of crush on Howard, but I imagine there are moments when he admires the elaborate nature of his existence, even if Jarvis finds it all distasteful, and especially more so after getting Peggy's outsider perspective on it.

3.) [8] (Sarah) is working as a waiter/waitress and just spilt coffee over [2] (Merlin).

If this is the weird AU where they have a daughter, I'm going to say this is how they met. Merlin probably reacts in shock from the pain of the coffee and unconsciously spells it away from him, and Sarah, because she's that sort of person, goes 'hey, your eyes just glowed and your clothes are fine, what's that about?'. And Merlin flails and sputters, and makes up some excuse about the lighting and hydrophobic clothes. And then they fall in love, or something.

4.) [10] (Alec) accidentally sent an e-mail to [7] (Martin) saying their inner darkest secret.

Oddly, I can see Martin responding very appropriately to this. Martin knows a thing or two about doing embarrassing things and darkest secrets. He probably e-mails back after dithering for several hours, and rewriting it several times, and says not to worry, that the secret is safe with him, and he's going to delete the e-mail. And maybe offers a bit of advice on the secret, but suggests not following it as Martin doesn't have the best of luck when it comes to good ideas.

5.) [9] (Pepper) is throwing a party and only invites odd numbers (Peggy, Q, Harry, Martin). How does the party turn out?

Except for the part where Martin is a mess of nerves and spills anything anyone's handed to him and won't shut up about aeroplanes, it goes very well. Everyone else has rather a nice chat about saving the world, and the food is excellent.

6.) [4] (Howard) is locked in a closet with [6] (Jarvis) at a party, what happens?

God, memes, stop giving me fic fodder! This, like, 100% happened at some party at some point in Howard and Jarvis' lives. Probably something like this:

Howard: *yanks Jarvis into the closet*
Jarvis: Eek! Sir, what are you--
Howard: Shhh. Delores is here.
Jarvis: Who?
Howard: Delores. The one with the hammer?
Jarvis: *involuntary shudder and rubbing of shoulder in traumatized memory* Oh dear. How did she get in?
Howard: I don't know! I sure as hell didn't invite her.
Jarvis: Well, I'll ask security to escort her out.
Howard: Okay, you do that. I'm just gonna stay here.
Jarvis: How noble, sir. You're so brave.
Howard: Hey, she almost took away my ability to have children, I'm just being sensible.
Jarvis: Yes, sir. *reaches for door knob. It won't turn.* Oh.
Howard: Uh...sorry. *moves around him* Give me a second, I'll get it open. Hey, you got a bobby pin?
Jarvis: Yes, sir, let me just take out my victory rolls and hand you one.
Howard: I realize this is my fault, but sarcasm won't help anyone.
Jarvis: No, sir, but it will make me feel much better.

7.) [2] (Merlin) just caught [3] (Q) stealing cookies from the cookie jar.

Merlin doesn't judge. He was on his way to get some himself. Sometimes you need cookies. He just holds out his hand and Q hands some over, and they nod at each other and walk away, and don't talk about it again.

8.) [8] (Sarah) cranked up the music really loud at night and woke up [9] (Pepper). What music is it and what happens next?

It's probably a Motown playlist John made for her, because John still makes mix tapes for his girlfriends. Depending on what mood Pepper is in, she either comes over and knocks and asks that it be turned down (Sarah obliges) or she tells J.A.R.V.I.S to take care of it, and Sarah's stereo mysteriously loses all power.

9.) [7] (Martin) and [1] (Peggy) are both at the bus stop together and it’s raining. What kind of conversation would they start?

They're British, so they complain about the rain and compare it to rain earlier in the week and talk about what the weatherman had to say about the rain. Martin gets redder and redder talking to a pretty lady, and makes several embarrassing comments. Peggy finds him rather comical, and hopes the rain clears up in time for his flight later in the day.

10.) [10] (Alec) is hitchhiking by a road until [5] (Harry) accompanied with [1] (Peggy) drive by, will they pick him/her up, or will 10 steal their car and leave them stranded instead?

Harry and Peggy pick Alec up, unless they are on a do-or-die, no-time-to-lose mission. They can both handle anything if Alec gets dangerous (which, of course, he doesn't). Alec is very grateful, and gives them the name of his parents restaurant and tells them to drop by for free food any time. They do, after the mission is over, and it's really great food.

11.) [9] (Pepper), [7] (Martin), and [4] (Howard) all run into each other after coming out from the same romance movie at the movie theater, what are their reactions?

I'm placing this in a world where Howard lived and so Pepper knows him from working with Tony. In which case, Howard probably took Maria, and they all stand around and chat about the movie, and accidentally block the exit, so Martin can't get out, and it's Howard Stark, OMG, so you can't just ask him to move, he's Howard Stark, OMG. So, Martin waits and waits, until Theresa catches up with him (she likes to watch the credits, he was going to bring the car around) and uses her Dragon Slayer voice, and everyone clears the space. And she and Howard and Maria have a little chat and agree that it's nice to see each other again, and they should drop by Vaduz castle again soon, Maxie would like to show Howard his new race car.

12.) [5] (Harry) and [10] (Alec) are forced to sing a duet song at karaoke. What is their reaction and are they at all good?

Alec doesn't mind singing at all. Harry is willing, but the machine keeps shorting out. And no, they aren't good. Alec is basically on tune (and his dance moves are pretty awesome), but Harry is totally off-key and all feedback from his microphone ruins any good sounds they might be making.

13.) [6] (Jarvis) and [8] (Sarah) have the same ticket for a seat at a football game, what do they do about it and who gets the seat?

Jarvis gives up his seat right away, no question that the lady should have it. Sarah argues about it, and suggests they play rock-paper-scissors or flip a coin for it, something fair. Jarvis insists it's really fine, and he can get another seat, don't worry, please take it. Sarah is really clear that she doesn't mind, and she can go elsewhere. Howard listens for two minutes, gets annoyed, pays the person next to him $10,000 to leave, and declares there's no problems, everyone has a seat now.

14.) [3] (Q) gets to choose anyone from 1 to 10 to dance with at the prom, who would it be and what would their and everyone else’s reaction be?

If this is some sort of highschool AU scenario, I'm going to with Howard, because he and Q are probably science friends, and Q feels he's the easiest to approach, plus he's a good dancer, and if he's going to criticize Q's dancing, it'll be funny and teasing and not harsh. Other than 'hey, I thought Stark only liked chicks?', I don't think anyone would be too shocked or jealous. Howard is totally up for some dancing, platonic or otherwise, and accepts with charm.

15.) Everyone is celebrating New Year’s Eve, what are they all doing?

Everyone is at Stark Manor, and Howard is hosting his heart out. He's probably dancing with all the chicks (and Q, because that prom dance went well). Peggy, Pepper, and Sarah are probably gabbing together, because they would all get along. Martin is in a corner, looking terrified, but Alec comes over to chat and puts him more at ease. Merlin and Harry are glad to have a night off from magical danger fighting and are discussing theory on a couch somewhere. Jarvis is serving drinks, and promising Howard that he's going to relax any second now, he just wants to do this one more thing. It's a slamming party, and everyone leaves a little tipsy and very happy.
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